Projects saved at Crew United

    2018Bauch Beine FloSeries Pilotgaffer
    2018StruwwelerrorShort Feature Filmbest boy
    2018RosewoodShort Feature Filmgaffer
    2017Down by the LakeShort Feature Filmgaffer
    2017VW - Golf. Lonesome RiderSpec Commercialgaffer
    2017HeartstringsShort Feature Film, arte, SWR [de]gaffer
    2017Mentos - The Man with a CoinSpec Commercialelectrician
    2017Culcha Candela - RodeoMusic Videogaffer
    2017Lab1886 - The Story of VolocopterCommercial2nd ac second assistant camera
    2017Sonne scheint über AugustShort Feature Filmgaffer
    2017MiaShort Feature Filmgaffer
    2017Meltdown - See the lightMusic Videoelectrician
    2017Blühe in FriedenSeries Pilotelectrician
    2017HuriShort Feature Filmbest boy
    2017The Ballad of Ralf and HeikeShort Feature Filmgaffer
    2016Tatort - StauTV-Movie (Series), SWR [de]2nd ac second assistant camera
    2016WildnisShort Feature Filmbest boy
    2016Herzog Bau - Der FilmImage Filmelectrician
    2016SchwarmShort Feature Filmgaffer
    2015Herma - Etiketten (Webfilm)Image Filmelectrician