Projects saved at Crew United

    2006M-Tel Bulgarien - Oldies will hate youCommercialassistant art director+ Props & Innenrequisite
    2006Merz Spezial Dragees - ArchitektinCommercialstandby propsProduktbetreuung
    2006Peugeot - Something to watchCommercialassistant art director+ Innenrequisite
    2006Hornbach - Ich hab´s selbst gemachtCommercialstandby props
    2006Nivea Hair Care Speed Power Gel - JoggenCommercialassistant production designer
    2006Nivea Hair Care Speed Power Gel - JoggenCommercialset dresser+ Innenrequisite
    2006Diadermine Global Action 9 - MirrorCommercialPropbuilder+ Product Preparation
    2006Microsoft - People Ready BusinessCommercialset dresser
    2005Wo ist Fred?Feature Filmassistant production designer
    2005Mission: Impossible IIIFeature Filmassistant set decoratorArt Department Assistant
    2005V for VendettaFeature Filmassistant set decoratorArt Department Assistant
    2005Mepha Pharma AG - Olfen, AviralCommercialassistant set decorator
    2005Miele - Aus Liebe zur WäscheCommercialassistant set decorator
    2005Deutsche Post - Weisse WeihnachtCommercialassistant production designer
    2005Deutsche Post - Weisse WeihnachtCommercialstandby props
    2005Bahlsen - LehrerCommercialassistant set decorator+ Innenrequisite
    2004FlightplanFeature Filmassistant production designer
    2003The Bourne SupremacyFeature Filmart department traineeArt Department Runner
    2003Around the World in 80 DaysFeature Filmart department traineeProps Assistant
    2000Forbidden LoveTV Series, ARD [de]assistant production designer