Projects saved at Crew United

    2021You can do it (WT)Education/Training Production
    2021Jenseits der blauen Grenze (WT)Indie Feature Film
    2021Unschuld auf Lager (WT)
    Indie Feature Filmco-production
    2021Forever Young (WT)Short Film
    2021Mannschaft (WT)Short Film
    2021Woher Kommst Du! (WT)Short Film
    2021The Magic Show (WT)Short Film
    2021Lost LändleSeries
    202143einhalb - Your Step (WT)Spec Commercial
    2021Miu Miu - Dystopia (WT)Spec Commercial
    2021The WeirdosCorporate Film
    2021NOWhere here to be found (WT)Short Film
    2021Blaues RauschenShort Film
    2021Lauf (WT)Short Film
    2021Luckywon (WT)Medium Length Film
    2021Digital InvestigationsShort Film
    2021Man UpShort Film
    2021Holy Happy Family (aka Surrealism) (WT)Spec Commercial
    2021Uniqlo - Find your colourSpec Commercial
    2021Narben (WT)Education/Training Production