Projects saved at Crew United

    2017SchwimmenFeature Filmsound re-recording mixerSound Supervisior, Foley
    2017ConfessioShort Feature Filmfoley editor
    2017Hayats LebenShort Feature Filmfoley artist
    2017Lord of the ToysDocumentaryfoley artist
    2017MünchenExerimental Filmsound designer
    2016BroodIndie Feature Filmfoley artist
    2016Dallmayr - Yawn of the DeadSpec Commercialfoley artist
    2016Blind AuditionShort Feature Filmsound re-recording mixer
    2016Blind AuditionShort Feature Filmsound designer
    2016Blind AuditionShort Feature Filmproduction sound mixer
    2016Blue Summer SymphonyShort Feature Filmproduction sound mixer1. Drehblock
    2016Das PaketShort Feature Filmsound re-recording mixer
    2016Das PaketShort Feature Filmsound designer