Projects saved at Crew United

    2011Cloud AtlasFeature Filmart director
    2010AnonymousFeature Filmart directorSupervising
    2009IKEA - Billy, Inbus (2 TV-Spots)Commercialart director
    2008Inglourious BasterdsFeature Filmart director
    2008Ninja AssassinFeature Filmart director
    2007Speed RacerFeature Filmart directorCars
    2006Gegen MorgenFeature Filmproduction designer
    2006Gegen MorgenFeature Filmset decorator
    2006Arena - For the Love of the GameCommercialart director
    2006Arena - For the Love of the GameCommercialset decorator
    2005Mission: Impossible IIIFeature Filmassistant art director
    2005V for VendettaFeature Filmart director2. Unit
    2004Aeon FluxFeature Filmart director(Asst.)
    2004Aeon FluxFeature Filmassistant art director
    2003Beyond The SeaFeature Filmassistant art director
    2003Alien vs. PredatorFeature Filmdraughtsman/set designerSet Designer
    2003HellboyFeature Filmdraughtsman/set designerSet Designer
    2002The Snow QueenTV Movie (multi-part)draughtsman/set designerSet Designer
    2002LXG The League of Extraordinary GentlemenFeature Filmdraughtsman/set designerSet Designer
    2001KreuzungShort Feature Filmproduction designer