Projects saved at Crew United

    2018Ich bleibeShort Feature Filmproduction manager - BodyguardCommercialassistant-/ junior-producer
    2017Face off - FechtenSpec Commercialproducer
    2017Queen of OasisShort Feature Filmassistant-/ junior-producer
    2017RotkäppchenShort Feature Filmassistant-/ junior-producer
    2016Sennheiser - EverestCommercialvideo playback operator
    2016Award Ink Studio - Lion DestructionCommercialassistant-/ junior-producer
    2016Nespresso - L'Atelier BerlinImage Filmvideo playback operator
    2015Goodyear - Killing The Tire SwingCommercialassistant-/ junior-producer
    2015VW - Value For Money. Polo, Golf, TiguanCommercialvideo playback operator