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Born on 13.11.1957 in Bad Homburg (61 Years)


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    About Martin Wohlfarth

    Martin Wohlfarth was born in Bad Homburg near Frankfurt. After attending high school in the USA and completing his schooling in Germany, he studied business management in Munich, besides he worked for a film and TV production company. While still studying, he was offered the opportunity to head up recording at Studiofilm 38 in Munich. A few years later he took over as production manager for the same company, responsible for cost estimates, coordination of filming and editing. In 2001 he was nominated executive general manager of the company.

    During his time as production manager he worked on numerous industrial films and image films for well-known German companies and institutions (Ciby Geigy, Daimler-Benz, DASA, Hakle, Henkel, Höchst, Lufthansa, MBB, Schering, SIG Combibloc, Bundeswehr, the German air traffic authority, German Rail, the Post Office, etc.), as well as producing various programs and series for different German TV stations.

    After 1995 he was also responsible for the production of many entertainment programmes and specials shown at prime time on North German Broadcasting, including Dream Melodies from the Cape of Good Hope and similar programs of light music on location in Germany. He was in charge of musical production and negotiations with performers and agencies.

    In January 2007 he founded his own company Proximavistasta.

    Projects as production manager

    2018Aktenzeichen XY-Spezial - Vorsicht BetrugTV Magazine, ZDF [de] Rudolf SchweigerSecuritel GmbH [de]
    2018Aktenzeichen XY-Spezial - Vermisst, wo ist mein KindTV Magazine, ZDF [de]Jochen MüllerSecuritel GmbH [de]
    2018Aktenzeichen XY ... ungelöstTV Magazine, ZDF [de]MultipleSecuritel GmbH [de]Drehbl.8 XY-Spezial 'Betrug' 'Vermisst'
    2017Aktenzeichen XY-Spezial - Gelöst!TV Magazine, ZDF [de] Rudolf SchweigerSecuritel GmbH [de]
    2017Aktenzeichen XY ... ungelöstTV Magazine, ZDF [de]MultipleSecuritel GmbH [de]Drehblock 3 u. 8, 'Vermisst', 'Betrug'
    2016Kripo Bayern - Das KriminalmagazinTV Magazine, BR [de]zuständige/r Redakteur/inSecuritel GmbH [de]
    2016Aktenzeichen XY ... ungelöstTV Magazine, ZDF [de]MultipleSecuritel GmbH [de]XY-Spezial 'Vermisst' 'Vorsicht Betrrug'
    2015Aktenzeichen XY ... ungelöstTV Magazine, ZDF [de]MultipleSecuritel GmbH [de]XY-Spezial, XY Bl. 7-9, live 15.7, 12.8
    2013Groove HighTV Series, Nickelodeon Erik Polls ndF neue deutsche Filmgesellschaft mbH
    2012Sabine Asgodom - Coaching fürs LebenDocumentary Series, BR [de]Alfons Schön ndF neue deutsche Filmgesellschaft mbH
    2011Sabine Asgodom - Coaching fürs LebenDocumentary Series, BR [de]Riccardo GullottaBR Bayerischer Rundfunk [de]
    2010Fett weg!Documentary Series, ZDF [de]Multiple ndF neue deutsche Filmgesellschaft mbH
    2005HafengeschichtenTV-Show, NDR [de]Christian MachunskyStudiofilm 38 GmbH [de]
    2004Traumziel Türkei - Zwischen Antike und ModerneReport, NDR [de]Henning KastenStudiofilm 38 GmbH [de]
    2004Wunderschöner NordenTV-Show, NDR [de]Christian MachunskyStudiofilm 38 GmbH [de]
    2003Heimat in der FerneTV-Show, NDR [de]Franz MülleggerStudiofilm 38 GmbH [de]
    2003Wunderschöner NordenTV-Show, NDR [de]MultipleStudiofilm 38 GmbH [de]
    2002Heimat in der FerneTV-Show, NDR [de]Franz MülleggerStudiofilm 38 GmbH [de]
    2002Wunderschöner NordenTV-Show, NDR [de]MultipleStudiofilm 38 GmbH [de]
    2001Heidi Kabel - Mein LebenDocumentary (Mini Series), NDR [de]Christian StöfflerStudiofilm 38 GmbH [de]

    Film projects in other capacities

    2015München 7TV Series, ARD [de], BR [de]Franz Xaver Bogner akzente Film & FernsehproduktionPost Production Coordinator
    2015Morden im NordenTV Series, ARD [de], MDR [de], NDR [de]Multiple ndF neue deutsche Filmgesellschaft mbHPost Production Coordinator
    2015Alles KlaraTV Series, ARD [de], MDR [de]Thomas Freundner ndF neue deutsche Filmgesellschaft mbHPost Production Coordinator
    2012VITA MagazinTV MagazineGerrit MannesTV Vital Media GmbHproducer u.a. für München TV
    2011VITA MagazinTV MagazineGerrit MannesTV Vital Media GmbHproducer u.a. für München TV

    Other projects

    YearProject typeTitleActivityCompany
    2007 - Todayself-employmentTV Production Service & Media ConsultingPROXIMAVISTA
    2013 - 2015freelancingAbteilung GesamtherstellungsleitungProjektbetreuung, Koordination PostproduktionndF - neue deutsche Filmgesellschaft mbH
    2006EventBURDA Music NightProducerBurda Verlag
    2005 - 2006music productionProduzentPlatin Scala

    Basic data

    LanguagesEnglish (Fluent), French (Basic knowledge)
    Experience abroadCentral America: Cuba
    Middle East: Jordan
    North Africa: Egypt, Morocco
    North America: Mexico, USA
    East Asia: China
    Eastern Europe: Bulgaria, Latvia, Russia
    South Africa: Namibia, South Africa
    South America: Brazil
    Southern Europe: Canary Islands, Croatia, Malta, Spain, Turkey
    Southeast Asia: Hongkong, Malaysia, Thailand
    Western Europe: France, Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland
    Immediate working areaMunich
    1st residence (federal state or country)Bavaria