Projects saved at Crew United

    2018Edeka - WeihnachtenCommercialproducer
    2018Lorenz Pomsticks - CosmicCommercialproducer
    2018Kari Traa - Dancing Through The CollectionCommercialproducer
    2017Hexal - ACC Akut. Hüsten lösenCommercialproducer
    2017Ferrero Kinder - 50 Jahre. Made of happyCommercialPost Production Coordinator
    2017SOS Kinderdorf - Leos GeheimnisCommercialproducer
    2017Immowelt - Immo erst zu ImmoweltCommercialassistant-/ junior-producer
    2017Euronics - Dinner Time & Animal Documentary (2 Spots)CommercialPost Production Coordinator
    2017Schüco - Katz' und HundCommercialproducer
    2017Momenzz AG - Momenzz GlobeCommercialproducer
    2017LinkedIn - The Way InCommercialproducer
    2017Edeka - GrillgeschlechterCommercialassistant-/ junior-producer
    2016Euronics - Familien WeihnachtsmannCommercialassistant-/ junior-producer
    2016Mister Free ft. KG - DaydreamMusic Videoproducer
    2016Gaillard Vivant - DesireFashion Filmproducer
    2015Bacardi - Take the Stage (mehrere Spots)Commercialunit manager
    2014MuschiKreuzberg - Badtime StoriesFashion Filmproducer
    2014Comedy Central - Football or Porn?Commercialproducer
    2014FontFont - Mice, ants and the lazy dogCommercialproducer