Projects saved at Crew United

    2018Mercedes-Benz - Electric now has a Mercedes. The all-new EQCTrailermulticopter pilot
    2018IGZ Lahr - StartkLahrImage Filmmulticopter pilot
    2017WRO - Episode 1: An der BarCommercialdrone camera operator
    2017Mercedes-Benz - Concept EQATrailermulticopter pilot
    2016Mercedes-Benz Technologiezentrum - FahrzeugsicherheitTrailermulticopter pilot
    2016Mercedes-Benz - Generation EQTrailermulticopter pilot
    2015SG Stern - HandsImage Filmdrone camera operator
    2015Mercedes Benz - The new GLSTrailergimbal system operator
    2014Spook Me! - The Europa-Park MusicalMusic Videogimbal system operator