Projects saved at Crew United

    2014Dr. Kade - Image 2015Image Filmproduction coordinator
    2014Schuler AG - Wir sind überallImage Filmproduction coordinator
    2014Batman - Batman Begins. The New Dark FragranceCommercialproduction coordinator
    2014Porsche Leipzig - PersonalImage Filmproduction coordinator
    2014MHP GmbH - (R)evolution 4.0Corporate Filmproduction coordinator
    2013FitLine - DobermannCommercialproduction coordinator
    2013Aeria Games - Scarlet BladeCommercialassistant to producer
    2013Sehlhoff GmbH - Ingenieure und ArchitektenImage Filmproduction coordinator
    2013n-tv - Premium LoungeCommercialproduction coordinator
    2013Tognum AG - Träume und Taten. Tobias & Fabian (2 Clips)Image Filmproduction coordinator
    2012Der Lauf der DingeDocumentaryproduction coordinator
    2012Carrera TVWeb Magazineeditorial assistant
    2012Sennheiser - Adidas Sports Earphone SeriesCommercialassistant production manager
    2012ELO Digital Office - Schultze & ChefCommercialassistant production manager
    2012DäumelinchenShort Feature Filmassistant production manager
    2011In aller FreundschaftTV Series, ARD [de], Degeto [de], MDR [de]production assistant
    2011In aller FreundschaftTV Series, ARD [de], Degeto [de], MDR [de]assistant to producerVertretung 2 Wo
    2009FAKT ist ... !TV-Show, MDR [de]artists-, guests-, VIPs-coordinatorLeipzig
    2008FAKT ist ... !TV-Show, MDR [de]artists-, guests-, VIPs-coordinatorLeipzig