Projects saved at Crew United

    2014Making Of - The Knights. Facing a GiantMaking Ofcamera operator
    2014Making Of - I-Fire Music. Zwischen Frühling und HerbstMaking Ofcamera operator
    2014The Knights - Facing a GiantMusic Videobest boy
    2014I-FIRE - Zwischen Frühling und HerbstMusic Videobest boy
    2014Paint Me Picasso - Land of PlentyMusic Videobest boy
    2013Making Of - Paint Me Picasso. Land of PlentyMaking Ofcamera operator
    2013Royal Fam - SchlafenMusic Videobest boy
    2012The Knights - Pardon My Riot. A Track by Track InterviewCommercialgaffer
    2012The Knights - Kids on the TellyMusic Videobest boy
    2012The Knights - Woody AllenMusic Videogaffer
    2009Acas 13 - Fear from the Mausoleum feat HideouzMusic Videodirector of photography