Projects saved at Crew United

    2013Schnell ermittelt - LebenTV-Movie (Series), ORF [at]assistant to 2nd AD
    2013Allianz Life Check - Ein NeuanfangCommercialset manager / 3rd AD
    2013Eine Handvoll BriefeTV Movie, MDR [de], ORF [at]assistant to 2nd AD
    2012Fokus Mord - Wahre Österreichische KriminalfälleDocumentary Series, ORF [at]set manager / 3rd AD
    2012AloneShort Feature Filmunit manager
    2011Grimm´s Snow WhiteTV Movielocation managerin Vertretung
    2011McDonalds - Best of ChefsCommercialset manager / 3rd AD
    2011VatertagTV Movie, ORF [at]assistant to 2nd AD