Projects saved at Crew United

    2017Sixt - Sixt creates FreedomImage FilmBusiness and Legal Affairs
    2017Beats by Dr. Dre - The Voice of Germany 2017 (3 Spots)CommercialBusiness and Legal Affairs
    2017Seat - Voices of X-Mas (4 Internetfilme)CommercialBusiness and Legal Affairs
    2015Beats by Dr. Dre - The Voice of GermanyCommercialBusiness and Legal Affairs
    2015Shariando - Wie funktioniert Shariando? (Homepage)Commercialproduction accountant
    2015Shariando - Wie funktioniert Shariando? (Homepage)CommercialClearing Rights
    2015Screwfix - Magic MomentsCommercialproduction accountant
    2015Elidor - LovemarkCommercialproduction accountant
    2014Bahlsen - Leibniz Knusper Korn 2014Commercialproduction accountant
    2014Böhringer Ingelheim - Spiriva RespimatCommercialproduction accountant
    2014Curse - TatooineMusic Videoproduction accountant
    2014Curse - Wir brauchen nur unsMusic Videoproduction accountant - ReisebüroCommercialproduction accountant
    2014Air Berlin - Brand USACommercialproduction accountant
    2014Air Berlin - Fan Force OneCommercialproduction accountant
    2012True Love WaysFeature FilmLegal Affairs
    2012The Little Girl from NagasakiFeature Filmaccountant
    2011GSI - Spezialeinheit Göteborg - Weißes GoldTV-Movie (Series)production accountant
    2009DostoyevskyTV Seriesproduction controller
    2008DistanceFeature FilmLegal AffairsFertigstellung/Auswertung