Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2014Call The MidwifeTV Series, BBC [uk]Mature Jenny [SS]
    2014The Go-BetweenTV Movie, BBC [uk]Older Marian [L]
    2014Black BoxTV Series, ABC [us]Dr. Helen Hartramph [SS]
    2013Call The MidwifeTV Series, BBC [uk]Mature Jenny [SS]
    2013The ButlerFeature FilmAnnabeth Westfall [SR]Barbara Adolph-Bober
    2012Nighttrain to LisbonFeature FilmAdriana de Prado [L]
    2011Call The MidwifeTV Series, BBC [uk]Mature Jenny [SS]
    2010AnonymousFeature FilmElizabeth [L]
    2010MiralFeature FilmBertha Spafford [L]
    2009Letters to JulietFeature FilmClaire [SR]
    2008Ein JobTV Movie, ARD [de]Hannah [L]
    2006How About YouFeature FilmGeorgia Platts [L]
    2005The Shell SeekersTV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Penelope Keeling [L]
    2005The Keeper - The Legend of Omar KhayyamTV MovieThe Heiress [SR]
    2004Short OrderFeature FilmMarianne [SR]
    2004The White CountessFeature FilmPrincess Vera Belinskya [L]
    2003ByronTV Movie (multi-part), BBC [uk]Lady Melbourne [SR]
    2002Churchill - The Gathering StormTV MovieClemmie Churchill [L]
    1996WildeFeature FilmLady 'Speranza' Wilde [L]
    1995Smilla's Sense of SnowFeature FilmElsa Lübing [L]