Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2014An easy boy IIIShort Feature FilmMann [L]
    2013Im Herzen Unruh - Revised Version (Teaser)Short Feature FilmFremder [SR]
    2013The Luck 20XX (II)Short Feature FilmPig/greed/the rest of the world [L]
    2012The Luck 20XX (I)Short Feature FilmPig 2 [L]
    2011Mum & DadShort Feature FilmRechts [L]
    2011Room in a ManShort Feature FilmMan [L]
    2010Im Herzen Unruh - Foolish Heart Music CutMusic VideoMann 2 [SR]
    2010The Stream IIShort Feature FilmSterbender [L]
    2010The restlessness of my heartShort Feature FilmMann 2 [SR]