• Production Company

    Projects as producer

    2018Das freiwillige JahrTV Movie, WDR [de]Henner Winckler
    2018Ballad for a Pierced HeartFeature FilmYannis Economides
    2018Die Zerstörten / Post EmpireIndie Feature FilmGünther Franke
    2018This is not a MovieDocumentary (Mini Series)Yung ChangKoproduktion
    2017La Cama / The BedFeature FilmMonica Lairana
    2017Teatro de guerra / Theatre of WarDocumentaryLola Arias
    2017RojoFeature FilmBenjamin Naishtat
    2016¾ (Three Quarters)Feature FilmIlian Metev
    2016DonkeyoteDocumentary FeatureChico Pereira
    2015Oscuro AnimalFeature FilmFelipe Guerrero
    2015Los Ojos del Mar / The Gaze of the SeaDocumentaryJosé AlvarezKoproduktion
    2014The Weather InsideFeature FilmIsabelle Stever
    2013Das Zimmermädchen LynnFeature FilmIngo Haeb
    2013The PunchDocumentaryAndré Hörmann
    2012Sofia's Last AmbulanceDocumentary FeatureIlian Metev
    2011Die BastionDocumentaryIngmar Trost

    Company data

    Experience abroadCentral America: Cuba
    Middle East: Jordan
    North America: Mexico, USA
    East Asia: China
    Eastern Europe: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia
    South America: Argentina, Chile, Colombia
    Southern Europe: Spain
    Southeast Asia: Vietnam
    Western Europe: Great Britain
    Date of company foundation2010
    Permanent employees2
    Immediate working areaHead office: Cologne