Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2014Avengers: Age of UltronFeature FilmUltron [SR]Andreas Fröhlich
    2013The Grand Budapest HotelFeature FilmHenckels [L]Andreas Fröhlich
    2013The ButlerFeature FilmRichard Nixon [SR]Andreas Fröhlich
    2010La femme du Vème / The Woman in the FifthFeature FilmTom Ricks [L]Andreas Fröhlich
    2009Moby DickTV Movie (multi-part), RTLStarbuck [L]Andreas Fröhlich
    2007The Incredible HulkFeature FilmBruce Banner [SR]Andreas Fröhlich
    2006MutterShort Feature FilmPurzel (Stimme) [SR]
    2006The Painted VeilFeature FilmWalter Fane [L]Andreas Fröhlich
    2005The IllusionistFeature FilmEisenheim [L]Andreas Fröhlich
    2004EelsShort Feature Filmder Fisch [SR]
    2002The CastleShort Feature FilmEuchrid [SR]
    2000CouplingTV Series, BBC [uk]Jeff Murdoch [SSR]Andreas Fröhlich
    1996GattacaFeature FilmVincent Freeman [L]Andreas Fröhlich
    1975Bitte keine PolizeiTV Series, ZDF [de]Jan Martin [SS]