Projects saved at Crew United

    2012Piratenfunk Franz FerdinandTV Series, ORF [at]script consultant
    2010Tom Turbo DetektivclubTV Series, ORF [at]script consultant
    2010Team OkidokiTV Magazine, ORF [at]commissioning editor
    2010Pig PerfectTV-Show, ORF [at]script consultant
    2009Tom Turbo DetektivclubTV Series, ORF [at]commissioning editor in charge
    2009Alles OkidokiTV-Show, ORF [at]commissioning editor in charge
    2009WWW - Die Nachrichtensendung für KinderTV Magazinecommissioning editor in charge
    2009Pig PerfectTV-Show, ORF [at]script consultant
    2009Totally Fit!TV-Showscript consultant
    2008Tom Turbo DetektivclubTV Series, ORF [at]commissioning editor in charge
    2008Pig PerfectTV-Show, ORF [at]commissioning editor in charge
    2008The Pharao´s RiddleTV-Showcommissioning editor in charge
    2008Freddy and the Beetle BunchTV-Show, ORF [at]commissioning editor in charge
    2008Totally Fit!TV-Showcommissioning editor in charge