Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2012General PimpTeaser (Film Concept)General Pimp [L]
    2011Errors of the Human BodyFeature FilmGeoff [L]
    2010The Making of Plus OneFeature FilmDave Dallas [L]
    2010GunlessFeature FilmLarry [SR]
    2010Hunt to KillFeature FilmGeary [SR]
    2010The DivideFeature FilmBobby [L]
    2008The Imaginarium of Doctor ParnassusFeature FilmTony's Assistant
    2008FlashpointTV SeriesBruce [SRE]
    2008WatchmenFeature FilmMan In Riot Crowd
    200788 MinutesFeature FilmJ.T. Rycker [SR]Michael Iwannek
    2007Walk All Over MeFeature FilmAaron [L]
    2007BloodRayne II - DeliveranceFeature FilmThe Preacher
    2007When a Man Falls in the ForestFeature FilmHardware Store Cashier
    2007PostalFeature FilmDisgruntled Man
    2006SeedFeature FilmExecutioner
    2006The EntranceFeature FilmRyan James [L]
    2006KlatsassinShort Feature FilmThe Thief
    2005In The Name of The KingFeature FilmScout
    2002BlackwoodsFeature FilmBilly / Man
    2002House Of The DeadFeature FilmHugh