Projects saved at Crew United

    2018McDonalds - Back to the FutureCommercialexecutive producer
    2017Rewe - Feine FlockenCommercialexecutive producer
    2017VW - Economy Service (2 Spots)Commercialexecutive producer
    2015SAP - Cloud for SaleCommercialexecutive producer
    2015Mercedes AMG - One Man, One EngineCommercialexecutive producer
    2013Smart - ParKingCommercialexecutive producer
    2013Caritas - Globale NachbarnCommercialexecutive producer
    2012BMWi - Der Lange MarschCommercialexecutive producer
    2012Nikon - Beautiful DreamersCommercialfreelance producer
    2011Caritas - Armut macht krankCommercialfreelance producer
    2011Emmi Aktifit - AnstossenCommercialfreelance producer
    2011ARD / ZDF - Orte des GeschehensCommercialfreelance producer
    2011Blackberry - Night BikesCommercialservice producer
    2011Ferrero Rocher - Nicht nötigCommercialfreelance producer
    2011Bundesliga Stiftung - IntensivtäterCommercialfreelance producer
    2011ZDF Station ID - KulturStation IDproducer
    2011Rabobank - LightsCommercialproducer
    2010KIA - Sportage (SL Launch Video)Commercialline producer
    2010Sparkasse - Nah am KundenCommercialproducer
    2010LBS - ÜberraschungCommercialfreelance producer