Projects saved at Crew United

    2016SWR3 New Pop FestivalTV-Show, SWR [de]unit manager
    2015SWR3 New Pop FestivalTV-Show, SWR [de]unit manager
    2015Rock am Ring 2015Concert Recording, SWR [de]unit manager
    2014SWR3 Hautnah - The ScriptTV-Event, SWR [de]unit manager
    2014SWR3 New Pop FestivalTV-Show, SWR [de]unit manager
    2014SWR3 GrillpartyTV-Event, SWR [de]unit manager
    2014Rock am Ring 2014Concert Recording, SWR [de]unit manager
    2013Zurück Zuhause Festival 2013 - Schwäbisch GmündTV-Event, SWR [de]unit manager
    2013Donna Leons Venedig - Ein musikalischer SpaziergangDocumentary, ZDF [de]1st assistant director
    2012SWR3 Hautnah - The KillersTV-Event, SWR [de]unit manager
    2012SWR3 Hautnah - GossipTV-Event, SWR [de]unit manager
    2012Rock am Ring 2012Concert Recording, EinsPlus (ARD) [de], SWR [de]unit manager
    2011SWR3 Hautnah Spezial - Marlon RoudetteTV-Event, EinsPlus (ARD) [de], SWR [de]unit manager
    2011Rock am Ring 2011Concert Recording, SWR [de]unit manager
    2000Liebe und andere LügenTV Movieset manager / 3rd AD