Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2016The Happy PrinceFeature FilmFather Dunne [SR]
    2016The TitanFeature FilmProf. Martin Collingwood [L]
    2015DenialFeature FilmRichard Rampton [L]
    2014SelmaFeature FilmPresident Lyndon B. Johnson [SR]
    2014Bone In The ThroatFeature FilmCharlie [L]
    2013Big Business - Außer Spesen nichts gewesenFeature FilmTim [L]
    2013The Grand Budapest HotelFeature FilmAuthor [L]Lutz Riedel
    2013Jenny's WeddingFeature FilmEddie [L]
    2013BelleFeature FilmLord Mansfield [L]
    2011The KennedysTV SeriesJoe Kennedy Sr. [SS] Rainer Schmitt
    2010The KennedysTV SeriesJoseph P. Kennedy, Sr. [SS]
    2010The Green HornetFeature FilmJames Reid [L]
    2009The DebtFeature FilmStefan [L]
    2008John AdamsTV Series, HBO [us]Benjamin Franklin [SR]
    2008DuplicityFeature FilmHoward Tully [L]
    2007Michael ClaytonFeature FilmArthur Edens [L]Hans-Werner Bussinger
    2005Piccadilly JimFeature FilmBingley Crocker [L]
    2003A Good WomanFeature FilmTuppy [L]
    2002The Importance of Being EarnestFeature FilmDr. Chasuble [L]
    2002Girl with a Pearl EarringFeature FilmPieter Van Ruijven [L]