Projects saved at Crew United

    2019Little JoeFeature Filmeditor
    2017Weapon of ChoiceDocumentaryeditorAEA
    2016Animals - Stadt Land TierFeature Filmeditor
    2015Stille ReservenFeature Filmeditor
    2014Sin & Illy still aliveFeature Filmeditor
    2013Ma folieFeature Filmeditor
    2013Amour FouFeature Filmeditor
    2012October NovemberFeature Filmeditor
    2011GrenzgängerFeature Filmeditor
    2010Weil ich schöner binFeature Filmeditor
    2008LourdesFeature Filmeditor
    2007RevancheFeature Filmeditor
    200642plusFeature Filmeditor
    2005Der Wadenmesser - Oder das wilde Leben des Wolfgang MozartDocumentaryeditor
    2005StruggleFeature Filmeditor
    2003HotelFeature Filmeditor
    2003AntaresFeature Filmeditor
    2002Weg in den SüdenDocumentaryeditor
    2002HurensohnFeature Filmeditor
    2000State of the Nation - Austria in Six ChaptersFeature Filmeditor