Projects saved at Crew United

    2012America's National Parks - YosmiteDocumentary (Series), arte, National Geographic, NDR [de], ORF [at]
    2012America's National Parks - YellowstoneDocumentary (Series), arte, National Geographic, NDR [de], ORF [at]
    2009Jungle Book Bear / The Real Jungle Book BearDocumentary (Series), arte, BBC [uk], NDR [de]
    2008Wildes Skandinavien - SchwedenDocumentary (Series), NDR [de]
    2008Wildes Skandinavien - FinnlandDocumentary (Series), NDR [de]
    2008Wild Russia - The Urals, Primeval ValleysDocumentary (Series), NDR [de]
    2006Wolverines - Hyenas of the North / Wolverine X / Wolverine RevealedDocumentary (Series), NDR [de]
    2006Planet Wild - Brown Bear - Forest KingDocumentary (Series), NDR [de]