Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2014ColoniaFeature FilmPaul Schäfer [L]
    2014The Girl KingFeature FilmAxel Oxenstierna [L]
    2014Min så kallade pappa / My So-Called FatherFeature FilmMartin [L]
    2012The Little Girl from NagasakiFeature FilmFather Lars [L]
    2012Europa ReportFeature FilmAndrei Blok [SR]
    2010Mission Impossible IV - Ghost ProtocolFeature FilmHendricks [SR]
    2010The Chinese Man / The Man from BeijingTV Movie (multi-part), ARD [de]Staffan Roslin [L]
    2009Kennedys HirnTV Movie (multi-part), ARD [de], Degeto [de], ORF [at]Lars Hakansson [SR]
    2009The Woman who Dreamed of a Man 7 Kvinden der drømte om en mandFeature FilmJohan [L]
    2009Millennium II - The Girl Who Played with FireFeature FilmMikael [L]
    2009Millennium: Part 1 - Men Who Hate WomenFeature FilmMikael Blomkvist [L]
    2007The Black PimpernelTV MovieHarald Edelstam [SR]
    2003As It Is in Heaven / Så som i himmelenFeature FilmDaniel Daréus [L]