Projects saved at Crew United

    2012Wie Gewonnen / Lightly ComeShort Feature Filmset manager / 3rd AD
    2011Anfang 80Feature Filmassistent stand by propmanAushilfe für zwei Tage
    2011At HomeShort Feature Filmassistant set decorator
    2011I Eat Pancakes - Where you areMusic Videoart director
    2011SpitzendeckchenShort Feature Filmassistant set decorator
    2010Die Orsons - Kim Kwang SeokMusic Videoassistant production manager
    2010Bastagon and the Rainbow PrincessShort Feature Filmassistant set decorator
    2010Far & NearShort Feature FilmScript
    2009Ginga - FashionMusic Videolighting trainee
    2009Checkpoint (Bewerbungsfilm)Short Feature Filmassistant production manager
    2008Flüchtlingsprojekt Ute Bock - Filmriss (Kinospot)CommercialCaterer (Assistance on Set)
    2008Ganze Woche Magazin - AirbagCommercialCaterer (Assistance on Set)