Projects as makeup artist / hair stylist

    2017Private Banking
    additional make up artist
    TV Movie (multi-part), arte, SRF (vormals SF DRS) [ch]Bettina OberliHugofilm Productions GmbH [ch]additional make up artist
    2016Mr. Moll & the Chololate Factory
    additional make up artist
    Feature FilmManuel Flurin HendryZodiac Pictures Ltdadditional make up artist
    2016Dow Chemicals - Colloboration (WT)Corporate FilmStefan Jung [1]Elefant Studios [ch]
    2015Axa - Max der DachsCommercialDaniel Rakete SiegelAcht [de]
    2015sbb - SwissPassCommercialOlivier EgliShining Pictures GmbH [ch]
    2014Biomed - InShapeCommercialChristian RoeschTopic Film AG [ch]
    2014UPC Cablecom - My PrimeCommercialReto SalimbeniManifesto Films [ch]
    2014OLX - VielfaltCommercialJan BonnyShining Pictures GmbH [ch]
    2014Migros - Sommer der 100 Dinge 2014 (4 Spots)
    key makeup artist/hair stylist
    CommercialBart TimmerChocolate Films AG Filmproduktion [ch]key makeup artist/hair stylist
    2014Autoricardo - Window, Handyman, Old ManCommercialHenry LittlechildChocolate Films AG Filmproduktion [ch]
    2014Baer Camembert - A little helpCommercialMarcel LangeneggerChocolate Films AG Filmproduktion [ch]
    2014Hakle - SwissnessCommercialJJ KeithOnFilm AG [ch]
    2013Migros Melectronics - WandererCommercialMichael SteinerOn Film Production [al]
    2013Swiss Airline - AnthemCommercialMarcel LangeneggerChocolate Films AG Filmproduktion [ch]
    2013Schindler - Schindler 3300: The liberty to createCommercialAdrian WisardSeed Audio-Visual Communication AG [ch]
    2013Ricola - Chrüterchraft
    key makeup artist/hair stylist
    CommercialNoah MarshallChocolate Films AG Filmproduktion [ch]key makeup artist/hair stylist
    2013Post - FacebookCommercialMarcel LangeneggerChocolate Films AG Filmproduktion [ch]
    2013Suissetec - RockCommercialNehemias ColindresPanam-Film GmbH [ch]
    20131818 Auskunft - Florist, Plumber, Hotel, Picnic
    key makeup artist/hair stylist
    CommercialMichael ToftRosas & Co [ch]key makeup artist/hair stylist
    2013Bico - Leben im Bett
    key makeup artist/hair stylist
    CommercialElias RessegattiElefant Studios [ch]key makeup artist/hair stylist

    Film projects in other capacities

    2008Night RushFeature Film, SRF (vormals SF DRS) [ch], SWR [de]Markus WelterHesseGreutert Film AG [ch]fx makeup artist

    Basic data

    Experience abroadNorth America: USA
    Eastern Europe: Hungary
    Southern Europe: Italy
    Southeast Asia: Indonesia
    Western Europe: Austria, Germany, Luxembourg
    Immediate working areaZurich
    1st residence (federal state or country)Switzerland - Zurich
    Accommodation possibilitiesBerlin, Los Angeles, Zurich