Projects saved at Crew United

    2012Frontlineshop - Fashion Show 2013 (First Look Teaser)Commercialdirector
    2011Men's Health - Urbanathlon Hamburg 2011Corporate Filmcreative producer
    2011Making Of - Zweites Leben (WT)Making Ofproducer
    2011Shifting The BlameFeature Filmproducer
    2011Men's Health - Urbanathlon Hamburg 2011Corporate Filmdirector
    2009Made in Germany (WT)Short Filmproducer
    2009Austrian Airlines - Fly awaySpec Commercialproducer
    2008Für MiriamMedium Length Filmproducer
    2008Vysehrad (WT)Short Filmproducer
    2007Malindi (WT)Short Filmunit manager
    2007Mo & ein Clown namens Paul (WT)Short Filmproducer
    2007Gesellschaftsspiel (WT)Short Filmproducer
    2007Malindi (WT)Short Filmproducer
    2006Der Eisenturm (WT)Short Filmproducer
    2006Murche (WT)Short Filmproducer
    2005The House is BurningFeature Filmenquiry assistance
    2005Große KinderShort Filmproducer
    2005Lui und die Pelzmütze (WT)Short Filmassistant production manager
    2004FünfShort Filmproducer