MMZ Mitteldeutsches Multimediazentrum Halle (Saale) GmbH: Color Grading, Colour Correction (non-linear), Editing Suites Rental, IT Services and Consultation, Rental Offices, Rerecording, Screening Rooms
  • Color Grading
  • Colour Correction (non-linear)
  • Editing Suites Rental
  • IT Services and Consultation
  • Rental Offices
  • Rerecording
  • Screening Rooms


Matthias Breitbach
Mansfelder Straße 5606108  Halle (Saale)Germany
Mobile+49 174 9094521
Phone+49 345 4780502
Fax+49 345 4780599

About MMZ Mitteldeutsches Multimediazentrum Halle (Saale) GmbH

The Mitteldeutsches Multimediazentrum in Halle (MMZ) operates three studios for post production in film and tv industry. In addition to the certified "Dolby Atmos Premier" mixing stage, these include a second cinema grading suite with 4K projection and tv edit suite with a 7.1.4 atmos home system (Dolby Atmos Home).
In addition to the producers from Central Germany, the facility is also booked by international productions. The studios are equipped with the best technology in picture and sound and have a excellent acoustics. Best conditions for very successful productions in the film and television industry.

Film projects

2020Into the Beat - Dein Herz tanzt
DOLBY ATMOS Mixing Stage
Feature FilmStefan WesterwelleLieblingsfilm GmbH [de]DOLBY ATMOS Mixing Stage
2020Julia muss sterben
DOLBY ATMOS Mixing Stage
Feature FilmMarco GadgeIn One MediaDOLBY ATMOS Mixing Stage
2020Helmut Newton - The Bad and the Beautiful
DOLBY ATMOS Mixing Stage
Documentary FeatureGero von BoehmLupa Film [de]DOLBY ATMOS Mixing Stage
2020La Traversée / Die Odyssee / The Crossing (WT)
DOLBY ATMOS Mixing Stage
Feature FilmFlorence MiailheLes Films de l’Arlequin [fr]DOLBY ATMOS Mixing Stage
2019The Perfect Candidate
DOLBY ATMOS Mixing Stage
Feature FilmHaifaa Al MansourRazor Film Produktion GmbH [de]DOLBY ATMOS Mixing Stage
2019Národní trída
DOLBY ATMOS Mixing Stage
Feature FilmStepan AltrichterNegativ Films s.r.o. [cz]DOLBY ATMOS Mixing Stage
2019Narziss und Goldmund
DOLBY ATMOS Mixing Stage
Feature FilmStefan RuzowitzkyTempest Film ProduktionDOLBY ATMOS Mixing Stage
2019Scent of Oranges
DOLBY ATMOS Mixing Stage
Feature FilmIvan PokornýDaniel Severa Production [cz]DOLBY ATMOS Mixing Stage
2019Latte and the Magic WaterstoneFeature FilmMultipleEagle Eye Filmproduktion [de]
2019Latte and the Magic Waterstone
DOLBY ATMOS Mixing Stage
Feature FilmMultipleEagle Eye Filmproduktion [de]DOLBY ATMOS Mixing Stage
2019My Extraordinary Summer with Tess
DOLBY ATMOS Mixing Stage
Feature FilmStephen WouterloodBind Film & TV [nl]DOLBY ATMOS Mixing Stage
2019The Report Movie
DOLBY ATMOS Mixing Stage
Indie Feature FilmPeter BebjakD.N.A. Production [sk]DOLBY ATMOS Mixing Stage
2019The Living Man / Ziv covek (WT)
DOLBY ATMOS Mixing Stage
Feature FilmOleg NovkovicChouchkov Brothers [bg]DOLBY ATMOS Mixing Stage
2019Anton Bruckner - Das verkannte Genie
DOLBY ATMOS Mixing Stage
Documentary Feature, ORF [at]Reiner E. MoritzMonarda Arts GmbHDOLBY ATMOS Mixing Stage
2018Unheimlich perfekte Freunde
4K Color Grading Studio
Feature FilmMarcus H. RosenmüllerViafilm GmbH & Co. KG4K Color Grading Studio
2018Adam & Evelyn
ATMOS Mischstudio
Feature FilmAndreas Fiction GmbH [de]ATMOS Mischstudio
2018Ever After
ATMOS Mischstudio
Feature FilmCarolina HellsgårdGrown Up FilmsATMOS Mischstudio
2018Whatever Happens Next
4K Colorgradingsuite
Feature FilmJulian PörksenThe Storybay [de]4K Colorgradingsuite
4K Colorgradingsuite
Feature FilmMilko LazarovRed Carpet [bg]4K Colorgradingsuite
2018Memory Games
ATMOS Mischstudio
Documentary FeatureMultipleMomento Film [se]ATMOS Mischstudio


Company data

Date of company foundation1999
Permanent employees5
Immediate working areaHead office: Halle