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A guide to fixers - how they make things happen

If you’re filming abroad, especially in remote countries, chances are you’ll require the assistance of a fixer – someone who is familiar with a particular country, to help you with logistics, translation, location and crew sourcing. A fixer can be the real backbone of a production when filming abroad.
In this guide, we’ll explain exactly what a fixer does, and how they can help you on your foreign shoot.

What is a fixer, exactly?
An international fixer can scout great spots remotely, sending detailed information, including photos and film clips, back to the producer.
For example, have you ever wondered how TV and film crews get permission to film in places like Delhi Airport? Or how they manage to shoot on a completely deserted London Bridge in movies like 28 Days Later? Well these things are made possible with the help of fixers. This talented bunch of people are responsible for all the background preparation that lets amazing scenes like these happen.
Fixers sort out filming permits for special locations - like airports - while liaising with police, transport bodies and local authorities beforehand to make sure everything goes swimmingly on the day.
Of course, a film crew working abroad will need special visas - fixers can sort those too.

People Power
Fixers also source local actors and extras via casting agents, along with behind-the-scenes crew such as camera operators, directors, gaffers, and sound engineers.
How about a nice place for the visiting crew and actors to stay? Lunches and bottled water on location? And what about costumes? A good fixer is a little like a walking and talking country guide.
Your friendly fixer can sort those, too.

Hiring Equipment
A film crew can save a lot of cash and hassle by hiring equipment on location rather than taking all their own kit abroad with them. The fixer can help with this – as they’re the ones in the know when it comes to where to hire the right gear, near to the location.
It is up to the producer though to double check facts and the ultimate responsibility and liability rests on their shoulders.

There are two kinds of transport needs that a fixer can deal with: Firstly, they can make travel arrangements for the crew, cast and equipment to get around the country in relative comfort.
Secondly - for that scene-stealing vehicle money shot - a fixer knows where to hire the planes, cranes, boats, hard-to-find sports cars, or simply the humble old banger that you need to star in your production.

The Bottom Line
You need to work within a budget, and one of a fixer's services is to advise on costs from the location itself so that the production team can plan ahead and accurately price up filming in advance.
So a fixer is the person who deals with logistics and really makes things happen for film, TV and commercials crews. A multilingual, international fixer takes the worry out of the language barrier and uses their specialist local and cultural knowledge to deal quickly and efficiently with bureaucracy and paperwork - sourcing all the elements that a film team needs to work within the deadline and budget and create a sparkling result.

Projects as location scout

2020Verbotene Liebe - Next GenerationTV Series, TVNOW [de]Iain DiltheyUFA Serial Drama GmbH
2019Breaking EvenTV Series, ZDFneo [de]Boris KunzNEUESUPER GmbH
2019Unsere wunderbaren Jahre
TV Movie (multi-part), Degeto [de], WDR [de]Elmar FischerUFA FictionNRW
TV Series, ARD [de]MultipleGeißendörfer Film- und Fernsehproduktion KGPolice
2019ZDF Station ID - Volle Kanne mit Nadine Krüger & Ingo NommsenStation IDSylvia BorgesFilm Deluxe GmbH
2018Der letzte Bulle
Eckrestaurant und Strassen
Feature FilmPeter ThorwarthWestside Filmproduktion GmbH [de]Eckrestaurant und Strassen
2018Pokemon Go - Fest Dortmund 2019
Locations Dortmund
Event RecordingMultipleKnucklehead [uk]Locations Dortmund
2018C&A - Spring Campaign 2019
CommercialPaul BarulispeoplegrapherIndoor
2017Servus TV - Die FreeTV ÜberraschungCommercialOliver HarounLeondi GmbH [de]
2017Ford - Eco Sport. Outdoor in der StadtCommercialCadmo QuinteroErste Liebe Filmproduktion GmbH [de]
2016Nestlé - Carlos VCommercialGonzalo OliveróEitelsonnenschein GmbH
2016Nongfu Spring - Water nutrients (WT)CommercialTomislav TomasPhoenix Digital
2016Wer liefert Was - Schnellste Erfolgsgeschichte
Location Check
CommercialNavid AbriFilm Deluxe GmbHLocation Check
2015Brandt Zwieback - AlltagsautistenCommercialMona El MansouriPalladium Commercial Productions GmbH
2014CollideFeature FilmEran CreevyAutobahn Film
2014Forbidden LoveTV Series, ARD [de]MultipleUFA Serial Drama GmbH
2014Huf Hülsbeck & Fürst GmbH - IntelliSenseCommercialSven StausbergPhoenix Digital
2014Adidas - All In or Nothing. SonCommercialYong LyeOzcam Production [us]
2014Thalys - Explore More
CommercialKiku OheControl Films [fr]Düsseldorf
2014Volksbanken Raifeisenbanken - BVR Wetter
CommercialWerner KlemmRekorder GmbHDortmund

Film projects in other capacities

2017Ford - Eco Sport. Outdoor in der StadtCommercialCadmo QuinteroErste Liebe Filmproduktion GmbH [de]location manager Suchen & Permit´s
2017VW - Economy Service (2 Spots)CommercialNico BeyerCobblestone Filmproduktion GmbH [de]location manager Strassen > Suche & Permit´s
2017Gatorade - Everything ChangesCommercialErnest DesumbilaMarkenfilm GmbH & Co. KGlocation manager Dortmund
2017Smartmobil - Lukas Podoski. Verein wechselnCommercialTim LöhrRabbicorn Films GmbH (formerly Jotz! Filmproduktion GmbH) [de]location manager
2016Maybelline - Glossy TalkCorporate SeriesRoman StrickerFrische Brise Film GmbHlocation manager Loft
2016Vodafone - CallYa Highspeed SpecialCommercialDavid LeinweberAnorak Film GmbH [de]location manager
2015Opel - Mokka. AutowäscheCommercialOtto Alexander JahrreissTempomedia Filmproduktion GmbHlocation manager Deutschland
2015Oral B - 1. FC Oral-B. PodolskiCommercialColum MaguireCobblestone Filmproduktion GmbH [de]location manager Stadion & Fitness
2015Bitburger Alkoholfrei - We are the teamCommercialAgusto de FragaTempomedia Filmproduktion GmbHlocation manager Waldweg & Football
2015Kessler ist...TV-Show, ZDF [de]Michael GiehmannITV Studios Germany GmbH (formerly Granada Produktion)location manager
2013Randstad - A Day In My Life. 2020Corporate FilmSven LützenkirchenGrosse8 Visuelle Kommunikation GmbH & Co. KGlocation manager Maschinenbau
2013Schüco - Die EntscheidungCommercialBaris AladagMarkenfilm Crossing GmbH (formerly BM8 GmbH) [de]location manager
2013Commerzbank - ImmobilienfinanzierungCommercialPhil BrownMarkenfilm GmbH & Co. KGlocation manager Düsseldorf & NRW
2013Apollo Optik - Mit drei O! (WT)CommercialStephen ManuelFullFeedback Productions GmbH [de]location manager Oberhausen
2013McDonald's - Los Wochos. GeorgCommercialNic & SuneEmbassy of Dreams Filmproduktion [de]location manager Strassen & Plätze in Köln
2013Nicht Nachmachen!TV-Show, ZDF [de]Martin PrzyborowskiPrime Productions GmbH [de]location manager
2013DB Regio NRW - Elf Freunde und ein VaterCommercialThomas Wagner [3]Cineteam Mediaworks GmbH [de]location manager Privates Haus
2013Sky - Bundesliga (Intros Live Sendungen)Corporate FilmZuständige/r Producer/inSky Deutschland Fernsehen GmbH & Co. KG [de]location manager
2013Opel - Places (WT)CommercialMaciek KowalczukBakery Films Filmproduktion GmbH [de]location manager Dortmund
2012Ice AgeDocumentary SeriesTim WalkerBBC British Broadcast Corporation [uk]service producer Germany

Basic data

LanguagesEnglish German Korean
Experience abroadEast Asia: South Korea
Southern Europe: Spain
Southeast Asia: Maldives
Western Europe: Belgium, France, Netherlands, Undited Kingdom
LicencesA (motorcycle) [eu], C1 (truck < 3,5t <= 7,5t) [eu], Press Card [de]
Immediate working areaDüsseldorf
1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - North Rhine-Westphalia
2nd residence (if applicable)Seoul
Accommodation possibilitiesCologne, Goettingen, Majorca, Munich, Seoul