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Projects as production

2019A Father's Job (WT)Short FilmFrank Christian Wagner
2018Bosch Rexroth AG - ActiveMoverCommercialFrank Christian Wagner
2018Brother - M2sewCommercialFrank Christian Wagner
2018Brother - SNCCommercialFrank Christian Wagner
2018Brother - XPCommercialFrank Christian Wagner
2018Bosch Rexroth AG - Active AssistCommercialFrank Christian Wagner
2017Brother - The new GTXCommercialFrank Christian Wagner
2017Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall - Digitale BeratungCorporate FilmMartina Chamrad
2017Café Klug - Die Serie (Webserie)SeriesFrank Christian Wagner
2016Deutsches Medikamenten-Hilfswerk e.V. - Mein Erbe tut Gutes. Das Prinzip ApfelbaumCommercialFrank Christian Wagner
2016Bosch Rexroth - Service. The OriginalCorporate FilmFrank Christian Wagner
2016Brother GT-3 Printer - Used Case. James FockerCommercialFrank Christian Wagner
2016Brother GT-3 Printer - Lovely Christmas Time with Brother GT-3 SeriesCommercialFrank Christian Wagner
2016Brother GT-3 Printer - Weihnachtszeit. We have the solution for each situationCommercialFrank Christian Wagner
2016Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall AG - Jahresauftakt 2017Corporate FilmFrank Christian Wagner
2015Caparol GmbH - Leidenschaft HandwerkCommercialFrank Christian Wagner
2015Brother - Die Eventmanagerin (WT)Corporate FilmFrank Christian Wagner
2015Schwäbisch Hall Bausparkasse - Business TVTV MagazineHarald Ziegler
2014FinderlohnShort FilmHilde Brand
2014BD Becton Dickinson - Technical Service EMACorporate FilmFrank Christian Wagner


201952. Deutscher Wirtschaftsfilmpreis (2. Platz)

Company data

Experience abroadMiddle East: United Arab Emirates
North America: USA
East Africa: Tanzania
Eastern Europe: Russia
Southern Europe: Cyprus, Italy
Western Europe: Belgium
Date of company foundation2010
Permanent employees1
Immediate working areaHead office: Würzburg