Claudine Biswas-MacKenzie  M.A., actress, voice actress, speaker, presenter, cabaret artist, London
  • Actress
  • voice actress
  • speaker
  • presenter
  • cabaret artist

    Projects as actress

    2017The Next is Yet to Come
    Narrator [L]
    Short FilmIra SchneiderNarrator [L]
    2015Empolis - Loss Detection
    Katrin [L]
    Corporate FilmThorsten WassermeyerKatrin [L]
    2013manybuy - Weird Situations (WT)
    Piano Woman [L]
    CommercialShmuel (Samuel) MaozPiano Woman [L]
    2013The Magical Shoe Shop
    Violet [L]
    Short FilmTanja GruppViolet [L]
    2012The Congress
    Dealer & Additional Voices [ADR]
    Feature FilmAri FolmanDealer & Additional Voices [ADR]
    2012Dalango (WebTV-Sprachkurs)
    Imogen in a Series of Films [LE]
    TV SeriesPatrick DrewsImogen in a Series of Films [LE]
    2012Drama Baby
    Claudia M. [L]
    Short FilmSteffen BaermannClaudia M. [L]
    TV reporter [SR]
    Independent Feature FilmWerner SchumannTV reporter [SR]
    2012Flushers (WT)
    Business Executive & Genius [L]
    Independent Feature FilmDaryush ShokofBusiness Executive & Genius [L]
    2012Dalango (WebTV-Sprachkurs)
    Katie (20 General Engl. Films) [L]
    TV SeriesPatrick DrewsKatie (20 General Engl. Films) [L]
    2012The Return of the Moonwalker
    Sarafina [L]
    Independent Feature FilmMultipleSarafina [L]
    2011Dalango (WebTV-Sprachkurs)
    J. Bloom (10 Engl. for Business Films) [L]
    TV SeriesPatrick DrewsJ. Bloom (10 Engl. for Business Films) [L]
    2011Robot Koch feat. John La Monica - Glassdrops
    Creature [SR]
    Music VideoFrederic LeitzkeCreature [SR]
    2011Red Life (WT)
    Eccentric British Guest [SR]
    TV Magazine, ProSieben [de]Holger HeinrichEccentric British Guest [SR]
    2010Audi - Luxus Limousine
    Lady Driver [L]
    Spec CommercialBastian TechmerLady Driver [L]
    2010Oomph - Ernten was wir säen
    Boss / Sadist [L]
    Music VideoSimon RuschmeyerBoss / Sadist [L]
    2010Trainingssoftware Scott - Emotionen für Autisten (Lehrfilm 2008 - 2010)
    Schauspielerin (Version 2010) [SR]
    Educational FilmMultipleSchauspielerin (Version 2010) [SR]
    Conni [SR]
    Feature FilmPaul DonovanConni [SR]
    2009MC Basstard - Monster, Monster
    Nun / Witch [SR]
    Music VideoAntonio WannekNun / Witch [SR]
    PA [SR]
    Short FilmJimmy GrassiantPA [SR]

    Projects as voice actress / speaker

    2016I’d Rather be Half Right than Vice President (Restaurationsfassung)Short FilmNarrator
    2016The Uncertainty Has SettledDocumentaryNarrator
    2016Lost in Cuddihy (Restaurationsfassung)Short FilmNarrator
    2016The Ghost of Wittgenstein (Restaurationsfassung)Short FilmNarratorBen Sidran
    2015A Weekend at the Beach with Jean-Luc Godard (Restaurationsfassung)Short FilmNarrator
    2015A Schneider TrilogyShort FilmNarrator
    2015Kanthari - Change from WithinDocumentaryNarrator
    2014Somewhere on Orchard StreetExperimental FilmNarrator
    2012Between BordersShort DocumentaryNarrator
    2010The Voice of 650 Million Times OneDocumentaryNarrator
    2009Endangered SpeciesExperimental FilmNarrator
    2007Hotel Palace Merano Espace Henri Chenot - Welcome to PalaceCommercialMs. Chenot (English Version) [L]
    2007More or Less Related Incidents in Recent HistoryDocumentaryNarrator
    2006Spider´s Web: A Pig´s Tale (DVD)TV MoviePenny (Span. Version) , Cynthia, Venom [SR]
    2006A Car’s Life - Sparkys Big Adventure (DVD)TV MovieJulia, Molly,Speedy (Ital./Span. Version [SR]
    2006Spider´s Web: A Pig´s Tale (DVD)TV MoviePenny Ital. Version), Cynthia, Venom [SR]
    2003Kash Point DancersDocumentaryNarrator [L]
    2003The Two Woodstock Festivals of 1994Short FilmNarrator [L]
    1998Bug Bites - An Ants LifeTV MovieRegina Josefine II (Ital. Version) [L]
    1998Bug Bites - An Ants LifeTV MoviePhone Voice, Weasel, Piggy (Ital / Span) [SR]

    Basic data

    Height172 cm
    Weight48 kg - 105 lb.
    Body typeslim
    Clothing size38
    Ethnic appearanceoriental, south european, white central european
    Hair colourbrunette
    Hair lengthvery long
    Eye colourbrown
    NationalityBritish, French, Swiss
    DialectsAfrican-English, Afro American, American (Standard), American Southern-English, Australian-English, Berliners, Boston-English, British (Standard), Brooklyn-English, Canadian-English, Cockney, Indian-English, Irish Accent, Jamaican, New York Accent, Quebec (French), Queens-English
    Voice typealto
    Skills (dance)BalletModern Dance
    Experience abroadCentral Europe: Germany
    Immediate working areaLondon
    1st residence (federal state or country)United Kingdom - England
    Accommodation possibilitiesBerlin