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Christian Beetz
Heinrich Roller Strasse, 1510405  BerlinGermany
Phone+49 30 695669-10
Phone 2+49 40 414945700
Fax+49 30 695669-15

    About gebrueder beetz filmproduktion GmbH & Co. KG [de]

    The parent company Gebrüder Beetz Media GmbH encompasses three firms with four offices and over 30 employees in Berlin, Hamburg, Luneberg and Cologne: Gebrüder Beetz Filmproduktion Berlin GmbH & Co KG, Gebrüder Beetz Filmproduktion Hamburg GmbH & Co KG, and Gebrüder Beetz Filmproduktion Köln GmbH & Co KG.

    Berlin, with 16 employees and six HD suites, is the largest firm of Gebrüder Beetz Media GmbH.

    The original firm was founded in 2000 by Christian and Reinhardt Beetz and has to date produced more than 200 documentaries. In 2008, due to the firm’s continual and increasing success, the firm was converted into a private limited company. In collaboration with authors and independent filmmakers, gebrueder beetz filmproduktion develops and produces high-quality, award-winning short, feature-length and multi-segment documentaries as well as the weekly television cultural magazine “Metropolis” for arte and the daily cultural program “EinsWeiter” for the public broadcaster ARD – EinsFestival. Likewise, gebrueder beetz filmproduktion enjoys notable and continual success in the international co-production of creative television productions for the European and non-European markets.

    gebrueder beetz filmproduktion is also actively involved in the new business area of online television formats. The newly established, internal Cross-Media Unit combines our documentary competence with the new thinking, methods and approaches of the Web, computer games and mobile devices, App´s to create innovative, cross-media concepts to convey content over the Internet to an international and web-savvy audience.

    Projects as production

    2021Wildwasserwörterfluss – Eine Reise durch HipHop-Deutschland (WT)DocumentaryPaul Wiederhold
    2020The Voyager – Call of Vikings (WT)TV SeriesN.N. (wird nachgereicht)
    2020Geheimmission Tel Aviv - Wie Fußball die Geschichte veränderteDocumentary, ARD [de], WDR [de]Dietrich Duppel
    2020Aurora’s Sunrise (WT)Documentary FeatureInna Sahakyan
    2020A Perfect CrimeDocumentary Series, NetflixMultiple
    2020Europas Wildnis – Tiere der Superlative (WT)Documentary (Series)Multiple
    2019Terra X - Mächtige Männer – ohnmächtige Frauen?Documentary (Series), arte, ZDF [de]Multiple
    2019Geheimes Israel - Der MossadDocumentary (Mini Series), ZDFinfo [de]Ina Kessebohm
    2019Als die Amis nach Garmisch-Partenkirchen kamenDocumentary, BR [de]Annette Baumeister
    2019Plan B – Revolution auf dem TellerReport (Series), ZDF [de]Ulrike Jost
    2019ZDF History - Mythos Mossad. Israels geheime KriegerDocumentary (Series)Ina Kessebohm
    2018The ForumDocumentary FeatureMarcus Vetter [1]
    2018Die Hälfte der Welt gehört uns - Als Frauen das Wahlrecht erkämpftenDocu-Fiction, ARD [de], NDR [de], WDR [de]Annette Baumeister
    2018Balance of the 5 ElementsDocumentary (Mini Series)Jan Hinrik Drevs
    2018Flucht im Namen Gottes - Die HugenottenDocumentary (Mini Series), arte, NDR [de], RBB [de], WDR [de]Marvin Entholt
    2018Zaatari - Leben im NirgendwoDocumentary, artePaschoal Samora
    2018Der ShowmanShort FilmMax Rainer
    2018Als das Gewissen geprüft wurdeDocumentaryKnut Weinrich
    2018The Art of MuseumsDocumentary Series, arte, ORF [at]Ralf Pleger
    2018The CleanersDocumentary FeatureMoritz Riesenwieck

    Projects as distributor

    2007Prestes Maia - Freedom In ConcreteDocumentary, arte, ZDF [de]Multiple


    Branch offices

    Company data

    Date of company foundation2000
    Permanent employees20
    Immediate working areaHead office: Berlin
    Branch offices: Berlin, Hamburg, Lüneburg, Cologne