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Documentary (Series) | 2018-2019 | ARD [de] | Germany

Brief synopsis

Last year, the super-rich in Germany were once again able to increase their assets significantly. Just like in almost every year since the financial crisis in 2008. 180 billionaires are currently living in Germany, and the number is rising. But there is hardly any other country in the world where the super-rich are so shy and keep themselves so much in the background. And hardly anywhere else do people know so little about the country's wealth elite as in Germany. The image of the rich is shaped by the gossip columns of the tabloid magazines and rich cartoons like the Geissen or Trigema boss Werner Grupp. This has little to do with reality, of course. In Germany, real wealth looks different from what one imagines. Year after year, manager magazin tries to shed some light on the situation and publishes a special issue with a list of the 1000 richest Germans. Grimme prize winner Florian Opitz (Der große Ausverkauf, Speed, System Error, etc.) accompanied the editorial team and learned all kinds of things about the shy milieu of the German super-rich. But in "Ganz oben" Opitz himself also took a journey into the discreet world of money and met old and new money: Financial advisors with 800 years of family tradition, billionaires like the drugstore king Dirk Rossmann, the mail-order heir Michael Otto and self-made entrepreneurs like Rainer Schaller, the founder of the fitness studio chain McFit. He talked to them about money, justice, the origin of their wealth and the fear of the rich of the German envy society.


Director of photographyAndy Lehmann
DirectorFlorian Opitz
EditorMarc Accensi

Production companies

Eikon Media GmbH [de]