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cuba-medical-props.berlin: historical, technical props, Medical Devices, Medical Facilities, Props Rental, set medic

    About cuba-medical-props.berlin

    As a set designer for theatrical and cinematic productions of many years standing, we can offer you an extensive range of medical set props. On an area of more than 4000 m² we have several thousand medical props in store ranging from aspirators to wheelchairs. Furthermore you’ll find everything you need to stage a vivid medical scenery: standard and medical furniture and much more.
    We can equip productions with medical props from within about the last 100 years, especially numerous, in part quiet rare, medical devices and furniture from the GDR.
    We offer our advisory support in compiling the equipment you need for your production and upon request provide a complete on-set specialist supervision for all of our equipment.
    Our website shows just a small part of what we can supply. If you don’t find what you need on our website, please inquire by email [email protected] or phone +49 (0)30 36 47 85 24.
    At http://cuba-medical-props.berlin/index.php/referenzen you’ll find a list of the projects we equipped.

    You are looking for a location to shoot your scenes? Upon request we can provide a complete medical/surgical location for you to rent. You need medical staff as extras? Instructions for the equipment? No problem, you just have to ask...

    cuba-medical-props.berlin is a division of C.U.B.A. gGmbH


    Company data

    Date of company foundation1991
    Immediate working areaHead office: Berlin