Just in Case Filmplakat | ©Céline Ahlbrecht, Insa Meyer, Alina Saltheim
©Céline Ahlbrecht, Insa Meyer, Alina Saltheim
Spec Commercial | 2019-2021 | Social Spot | Germany

Project data

Length of movie2 Min.

Brief synopsis

At the almost magical production plant, cheese is cut, melted, shaped, washed, powdered and wrapped merely to face a disastrous end - At least it was made with love.
Just in Case shines light on the sugarcoating of production as well as the speciousness and naivety of the so called conscious consumer. Within the time frame of a commercial, phrases such as “we love food” are debunked as meaningless rhetoric as the other side of the coin is exposed. Overflowing waste disposal sites, environmental pollution – yet everything is organic.
The unique feature of the production: the entire movie sets were built out of recycled packaging waste and leftover materials.


Director of photographyJonas SchmietaSony F55
Director of photographyLuca Reppenhorst
1st assistant cameraFrederik JägerSony F55
DirectorAlina Saltheim
DirectorCéline Ahlbrecht
DirectorInsa Meyer
GafferSimon Lütkehaus
Executive producerLotte RufFestivalauswertung
Production designerStina Nies
Production designerCéline Ahlbrecht
Production designerInsa Meyer
Production designerAlina Saltheim
Production managerCarina Witte
Set manager/ floor managerJulia Loosen
Co-writerDominik Riemer
Sound designerHenric Schleiner

Production companies

FH Fachhochschule Dortmund [de]


Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
Céline Ahlbrecht2021Spotlight, Festival f Bewegtbildkommunikation [de]Students / Social Impact (silver)Winner
Insa Meyer2021Spotlight, Festival f Bewegtbildkommunikation [de]Students / Social Impact (silver)Winner
Alina Saltheim2021Spotlight, Festival f Bewegtbildkommunikation [de]Students / Social Impact (silver)Winner
Lotte Ruf2021Spotlight, Festival f Bewegtbildkommunikation [de]Students / Social Impact (silver)Winner


2021GermanySpotlight FestivalSpotlight Students - Kategorie Social Impact
2021GermanyForesight FestivalCategory Values Change
2021GermanyFISH FestivalOfficial Selection