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Michael Groeger
Gotzingerstraße 8a81371  MünchenGermany
Phone+49 89 74409863

    Projects as production

    2019C&A - Lycra. #lycralovesyouCommercialMonika Sedlmayr
    2019Buffalo Alm 3.0CommercialMichael Groeger
    2019Bayerische Landesbank - Den Small Dunk ContestCorporate FilmMultiple
    2019Bayern LB - Small Dunk Contest Gameday TrailerCorporate FilmMichael Groeger
    2018Hemiléa Yacht - CannesCorporate FilmArrigo ReussZero-8 Studios & Productions
    2018Mont Blanc Summit - Lena GerckeCommercialMichael Groeger
    2018Invisibobble Waver - ImageCorporate FilmMichael Groeger
    2017Triumph - Essence 2017CommercialMonika Sedlmayr
    2017L'Officiel SuisseFashion FilmMichael Groeger
    2017Instyle Germany - Matters of the HeartCommercialMichael Groeger
    2017Triumph Hong Kong - Collection 2017CommercialMonika Sedlmayr
    2017Tangle Teezer - ImageCommercialMichael Groeger
    2016Triumph - Light SensationCommercialMonika Sedlmayr
    2015Triumph Sloggi - ZeroCommercialMonika Sedlmayr

    Other projects

    YearProject typeTitleActivityCompany
    2019photo productionGQ x Ralph LaurenService ProductionConde Nast
    2019photo productionPure 97 CapaignFull - Service - ProductionNew Flag
    2019photo productionBuffalo London Social Media CampaignFull - Service - ProductionBuffalo
    2018photo productionMont Blanc x Lena GerckeFull - Service - ProductionMont Blanc
    2018photo productionEurex/Raphaela by BraxService ProductionBrax
    2018photo productionBorgward Automotives RelaunchFull - Service - ProductionBorgward Automotives
    2018photo productionStylebop Billboard CampaignFull - Service - ProductionStylebop
    2017photo productionADAC "Mia san da!" KampagneFull - Service- ProductionADAC

    Company data

    Date of company foundation2011
    Immediate working areaHead office: Munich