Projects saved at Crew United

    2022The King's Land (WT)
    Feature FilmCo-production
    2020YoungShort Film
    2019Crocodile TearsShort Film
    2017The House That Jack BuiltFeature Film
    2016HalvmanShort Film
    2015Flaskepost fra PFeature Film
    2015The Boy in the OceanShort Film
    2015PerpetualShort Film
    2013FasandraeberneFeature Film
    2013The 11th HourFeature Film
    2013In AbsentiaShort Film
    2013PalmaShort Film
    2012Keeper of the lost CausesFeature Film
    2012NymphomaniacFeature Film
    2012The HuntFeature Film
    2011Den skaldede frisørFeature Film
    2010BerikShort Film
    2010MelancholiaFeature Film
    2010ID:AFeature Film
    2009SpindelgångenIndie Feature Film