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Zentral Gelegen | © Marcel A. Heizmann
© Marcel A. Heizmann
Independent Feature Film | 2021-2024 | Drama | Germany
The project "Zentral gelegen / When the East is in the House" has been editorially approved, but continues to be regularly reviewed, updated and supported through to release by our editors. Please inform us of missing, false or outdated data.

Shooting data

Start of shooting12/08/2021
End of shooting03/05/2023
LocationsPrenzlauer Berg/ Berlin
Filming regionsGermany - Berlin

Project data

Length of movie74 min
Aspect ratioCinemascope (1 : 2,39)
Acquisition formatProRes
Distribution formatDCP

Brief synopsis

Zentral Gelegen - Everything comes back... Debut by Marcel A. Heizmann
International Title - When the East is in the House

West is West and East is East. Ride the ring baby, sometimes left, sometimes right. Richi descends into the underworld,
to pay his tribute as the successor, because all hell is breaking loose at Alex.

Hinrich unexpectedly follows prematurely in the footsteps of Wolfgang, the bailiff of a centrally located cemetery.
Wolfgang's niece, Natalie, has precarious problems with her boyfriend.
Hinrich keeps his past promise to help her and so the madness takes its course.

In the Center, the city, the sirens are blaring and our anti-hero of the neighborhood has to be on his guard,
because good and evil are always and everywhere, but they don't bring love.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Marcel Andre HeizmannHinrich [L]
Mara LukaNatalie [L]
Michael R. ScholzeWolfgang [L]
Sofie Anna Paashaus HeizmannZoe [GS]
Robin CzernyAlex [SR]
Pero RadicicLouis Cyph [SR]
Tancredi VolpertPfarrer Wunderlich [SR]
Nicolá MelissiAnNico [SR]
Corinna BergmannLaila [SR]
Marie-Claire PenserDana [SR]
Dana Marie EschMarie [SR]
Christos RaptisPaulo [SR]
Alexander YassinYas [SR]
Asel LobanchenkoStudentin [SR]
Henri von MecklenburgSlick Micha [SR]
Anna ThalbachAngela [SR]
Jan LuggenhölscherRonald [SR]
Judith MundingerChantal [SR]
Peer BlankRichard [SR]
Juliana Cintra PaashausJuliana [SR]
Tibor WolfOrdnungsamtmitarbeiter [BP]
Nicole ReckliesOrdnungsamtmitarbeiter [BP]
Moritz JägerGerichtsmedizin Mitarbeiter [BP]
Nora KelschebachGerichtsmedizin Mitarbeiterin [BP]


Digital compositor / compositing artistDeni Oktofianto
ColoristRenè Müller
Director of photographyJakob Hampel
Director of photographyJohannes Laidler
7 days
7 days
Steadicam operatorHelga Stock
1st assistant cameraBurak Karaman
1st assistant cameraCasimiro Eduardo Monteiro
2nd assistant cameraTung Nguyen
2nd assistant cameraNiklas Kiefer
Still photographerMarina Botelho
DirectorMarcel A. Heizmann
1st AD (local system)Ronny Papak
3. Drehblock
3. Drehblock
1st AD (local system)Asel Lobanchenko
1st AD (local system)Felix Hertneck
Crowd 2nd AD (local system)Axel Tison
Crowd 2nd AD (local system)Johanna Gimpel
04.02 - 06.02
04.02 - 06.02
EditorMarcel A. Heizmann
GafferRodrigo Bruzoni
GafferLeander Sparla
Lighting technician / electricianFlorian Maurer [2]
Lighting technician / electricianLucius Alken
3. turning block
3. turning block
Makeup artist / hair stylistAnne Mary Lies
1 SD
1 SD
Fx makeup artistMandy Soßmann
MusicianMarcel A. Heizmann
ProducerMarcel A. Heizmann
Assistant production managerJuliana Cintra Paashaus
Assistant production managerAsel Lobanchenko
Set runnerJanik Holbe
ScreenwriterMarcel A. Heizmann
Production sound mixerMax Bertani
Sound re-recording mixerOscar Sobrado
Sound designerMarcel A. Heizmann
Sound designerOscar Sobrado
Caterer (assistance on set)Juliana Cintra Paashaus


CostumesTheaterkunst GmbH Kostümausstattung
PropsLEON Actionteam