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Work for Him

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    Short Documentary | 2019 | Docu | Germany

    Shooting data

    Number of shooting days15

    Project data

    Length of movie30:00

    Brief synopsis

    We were called to promote God’s name - why shouldn't we use Instagram? Four adolescent social media influencers have one goal: to glorify the word of God.


    ColoristFlorian Wolf [2]
    Director of photographyAndreas Pfohl
    1st assistant cameraAdrian Honsberg
    1st assistant cameraMax Wichmann
    DirectorHilarija Locmele
    DirectorFariba Buchheim
    EditorSophie Oldenbourg
    ComposerKarim Shalaby
    ProducerAndreas Pfohl
    ProducerFariba Buchheim
    Line producerChristine Haupt
    Assistant production managerLuca Kimmerle
    Assistant production managerJulian Coromines
    Sound re-recording mixerGerhard Auer


    2021PolandInternational Film Festival Zoom - Zbliżenia
    2021GermanyFlimmern & Rauschen
    2020GermanyInternationale Hofer Filmtage
    2020GermanyFilmschau Baden-Württemberg