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    Movies saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2017Creators - The Past
    Lord Ogmha [L]
    Independent Feature FilmLord Ogmha [L]
    Croatoan [LE]
    Gerhard Georg Jilka
    TV Series, Syfy [us]Croatoan [LE]Gerhard Georg Jilka
    2010$#*! My Dad Says
    Ed [SS]
    TV Series, CBS [us]Ed [SS]
    2001American Psycho 2
    Starkman [L]
    Feature FilmStarkman [L]
    1999Galileo 7 Star Trek Convention 1999
    sich selbst
    Reportsich selbst
    1999FedCon 7
    sich selbst (James T. Kirk) [L]
    Documentarysich selbst (James T. Kirk) [L]
    1998Free Enterprise
    Bill [L]
    TV MovieBill [L]
    1994Rescue 911
    Host [SS]
    Documentary Series, CBS [us]Host [SS]
    1989Star Trek V - The Final Frontier
    Captain James T. Kirk [SR]
    Feature FilmCaptain James T. Kirk [SR]
    1986Star Trek IV - Zurück in die Gegenwart
    Kirk [L]
    Feature FilmKirk [L]
    1979Star Trek: The Motion Picture
    Captain Kirk [L]
    Feature FilmCaptain Kirk [L]