William Edouard Franck, production sound mixer, Cologne
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About William Edouard Franck

As senior lecturer for sound at the film academy in Vienna, i only have time for one movie a year!
According to french cinéma tradition(s), my sound signature is very much driven by boom operated sound. Energies already start before, keep on during, and don't stop... flowing after completion of the movie.
Sound is an energetic journey you might want to get in your visual experience.

Known for

Fictional projects as production sound mixer

2019Heart HuntingTV Movie, BR [de], ORF [at]Elisabeth ScharangLotus-Film GmbH [at]
Nominated for best sound, Austria Film Academy Awards 2020
Feature FilmKarl MarkovicsEpo-Film Produktionsges.m.b.H. [at]Nominated for best sound, Austria Film Academy Awards 2020
2016A Hidden Life
Cannes 2019 /Nominated best Sounddesign MPSE 67th Annual Golden Reel Awards
Feature FilmTerrence MalickStudio Babelsberg Motion Pictures GmbH [de]Cannes 2019 /Nominated best Sounddesign MPSE 67th Annual Golden Reel Awards
2015Junges LichtFeature FilmAdolf WinkelmannFFP New Media GmbH
Feature FilmElisabeth ScharangEpo-Film Produktionsges.m.b.H. [at]LOCARNO 2015, TORONTO 2015
forum / Berlinale 2015
Feature FilmKarl MarkovicsEpo-Film Produktionsges.m.b.H. [at]forum / Berlinale 2015
2013To mikro psari
O.V. Greek / Berlinale Official comp2014
Feature FilmYannis EconomidesArgonauts Productions [gr]O.V. Greek / Berlinale Official comp2014
2013Lose MyselfFeature FilmJan SchomburgPandora Film Produktion GmbH
2012Layla Fourie
O.V. English Reshoot Cologne 12/2012
Feature FilmPia MaraisPandora Film Produktion GmbHO.V. English Reshoot Cologne 12/2012
O.V. English French and Hebrew
Feature FilmRomed WyderDschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion [ch]O.V. English French and Hebrew
2011Quellen des LebensFeature FilmOskar RoehlerX Filme Creative Pool GmbH
2011Everyday ObjectsFeature FilmNicolas Wackerbarthunafilm GmbH [de]
2010Das Blaue vom Himmel
O.V. Latvian & German
Feature FilmHans SteinbichlerDie Film GmbHO.V. Latvian & German
Feature FilmKarl MarkovicsEpo-Film Produktionsges.m.b.H. [at]OSCAR NOM. 2012 CANNES 2011 Prix EUROPA
2009Jud Süß - Film ohne Gewissen
BERLIN 2010 Official competition
Feature FilmOskar RoehlerFilm AG Produktions GmbH (formerly Novotny & Novotny) [at]BERLIN 2010 Official competition
2009In Another Life
HUNGARIAN and German
Feature Film, ORF [at]Elisabeth ScharangEpo-Film Produktionsges.m.b.H. [at]HUNGARIAN and German
2009Colours in the Dark
SAN SEBASTIAN 2010 official competition
Feature Film, arteSophie Heldmanunafilm GmbH [de]SAN SEBASTIAN 2010 official competition
2008Was Du nicht siehstFeature FilmWolfgang FischerLichtblick Film GmbH [de]
2007Tengri - le bleu du ciel
Feature Film, arteMarie Jaoul de PonchevilleCinedok Filmproduktion GmbH [de]O.V. KIRGIZ and RUSSIAN
2006Janu Nakts
Feature FilmAlexander HahnFischer Film GmbH [at]O.V. ENGLISH

Non-fictional projects as production sound mixer

2020Vor dem Verschwinden / Izginjanje (WT)DocumentaryAndrina MracnikarSoleil Film
2012Kick out your boss (WT)
Feature Documentary
Documentary, ORF [at]Elisabeth ScharangKGP Filmproduktion GmbH [at]Feature Documentary
2012Everyday Rebellion - The Art Of Change
Feat. Doc Enschede / NL shooting+ Vienna
Documentary, arteMultipleGolden Girls Filmproduktion & Filmservices GmbH [at]Feat. Doc Enschede / NL shooting+ Vienna
2008Sounding Jerusalem Part I (WT)
5.1 concert recordings
DocumentaryElisabeth ScharangWega Filmproduktionsges.m.b.H [at]5.1 concert recordings
200872 Hours Hollywood
also producer
Documentary, ORF [at]Elisabeth ScharangWild Tracks, Wild Frames Sàrlalso producer
2008Der Sprinter (WT)
also producer
DocumentaryElisabeth ScharangWild Tracks, Wild Frames Sàrlalso producer
2007The Year of the Feathered Snake / L'année du serpent à plumes (WT)
KINO Doku 5.1 recording also producer
DocumentaryLiam SciamaOnce upon a timeKINO Doku 5.1 recording also producer
2007Franz Fuchs - Ein Patriot
Nominated EMMY AWARDS 2009 FIPA d'argent
Documentary, ORF [at]Elisabeth ScharangEpo-Film Produktionsges.m.b.H. [at]Nominated EMMY AWARDS 2009 FIPA d'argent
2005Meine Liebe Republik (WT)
KINO Doku / ROMY 2006
DocumentaryElisabeth ScharangWega Filmproduktionsges.m.b.H [at]KINO Doku / ROMY 2006
KINO Doku / 5.1 recording USA
DocumentaryElisabeth ScharangWega Filmproduktionsges.m.b.H [at]KINO Doku / 5.1 recording USA
2001Breaking news - l'homme nouveau est arrivé (WT)
5.1 recording FRENCH
DocumentaryLiam SciamaWild Tracks, Wild Frames Sàrl5.1 recording FRENCH

Fictional projects in other activities

2020Das Urteil im Fall KShort FilmÖzgür AnilFilmakademie Wien [at]sound supervisor
2019Blaue Lippen (WT)Short FilmFlorian KoglerFilmakademie Wien [at]sound supervisor
2019Das Gegenteil von EwigkeitShort FilmJoshua JádiFilmakademie Wien [at]sound supervisor
2014JackFeature FilmElisabeth ScharangEpo-Film Produktionsges.m.b.H. [at]script consultant
1994Ein Fall für zweiTV Series, ZDF [de]MultipleOdeon TV (merged into Odeon Fiction GmbH)sound engineer
1992Inspecteur DerrickTV Series, ORF [at], SRF (vormals SF DRS) [ch], ZDF [de]MultipleTelenova Film- u.Fernsehproduktion GmbH [de]boom operator Na ja sowas muss(te) auch mal
1992WildbachTV SeriesRüdiger NüchternHelbos Film GmbH [de]boom operator
1991Happy Birthday, Türke!Feature FilmDoris DörrieCobra Film Produktionsgesellschaft mbH [de]boom operator Vertretun ein Paar Tage
1991Inspecteur DerrickTV Series, ORF [at], SRF (vormals SF DRS) [ch], ZDF [de]MultipleTelenova Film- u.Fernsehproduktion GmbH [de]boom operator once a upon a...
1989EngraziaIndie Feature FilmStefan DähnertDähnert-Krautsdorfer Filmproduktion [de]boom operator
1989Verfolgte WegeFeature FilmUwe JansonVulcano M. Film- und Fernsehproduktiongrip assistant 1. Teil
1989Verfolgte WegeFeature FilmUwe JansonVulcano M. Film- und Fernsehproduktionassistant set/floor manager 2. Teil

Shows/Live/Events in other activities

1991Wie würden Sie entscheiden?TV-Show, ZDF [de]Renate VacanoTNF Telenormfilm GmbH [de]boom operator 3 Folgen

Film awards

2020NobadiAustrian Academy award [at]Best soundNominated
2016SuperworldÖsterreichischer Filmpreis [at]Beste TongestaltungNominated
2016JackÖsterreichischer Filmpreis [at]Beste TongestaltungWinner
2015To mikro psariHellenic Film Academy AwardsBester TonWinner
2012In Another LifeÖsterreichischer Filmpreis 2012Beste TongestaltungNominated
2011Was Du nicht siehstTonforum 2011Preis für TongestaltungNominated
2009Janu NaktsLatvian Film Prize [lv]best soundNominated

Basic data

LanguagesEnglish French German Spanish
Experience abroadMiddle East: Israel
North Africa: Egypt, Tunisia
North America: Mexico, USA
Eastern Europe: Hungary, Latvia, Rumania, Serbia
South Africa: South Africa
South America: Brazil
Southern Europe: Greece, Turkey
West Africa: Mali
Central Asia: Kyrgyzstan
LicencesBE (car with trailer) [eu]
Immediate working areaCologne
1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - North Rhine-Westphalia
2nd residence (if applicable)Wien
Accommodation possibilitiesBerlin, Cologne, Paris, Strasbourg, Vienna