Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2018Gemini ManFeature FilmHenry [L]
    2018AladdinFeature FilmGenie [L]Jan Odle
    2012After EarthFeature FilmCypher Raige [L]
    2012Men in Black 3Feature FilmAgent J [L]
    2007HancockFeature FilmJohn Hancock [L]Ian Odle
    2004HitchFeature FilmAlex 'Hitch' Hitchens [L]
    2004I, RobotFeature FilmDel Spooner [L]
    2002Bad Boys IIFeature FilmDetective Mike Lowrey [L]
    1999Wild Wild WestFeature FilmCapt. James West [L]
    1997Enemy of the StateFeature FilmRobert Clayton Dean [L]
    1995Independence DayFeature FilmCaptain Steven Hiller [L]