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Brief synopsis

Europe's wilderness is as diverse as it is unique. The second season introduces four more animals on our doorstep that are given far too little attention - the musk ox, the capercaillie, the golden jackal and the mouflon.
Each episode features one animal or animal family. How do they live? What challenges do they have to overcome? And to what extent can humans help them?


Director of photographyDino von Wintersdorff
Director of photographyJan Zabeil
Director of photographyEddy Zimmermann
Drone camera operatorDino von Wintersdorff
Eng assistant audio/videoLukas Seiler
Eng assistant audio/videoNicolas Winkelhahn
Eng assistant audio/videoLukas Röhrdanz
Eng assistant audio/videoAndreas Nordmeyer
Eng assistant audio/videoMateusz Gnys
Eng assistant audio/videoArthur Oleszczuk
DirectorCarmen Butta
DirectorMarlene Wynants
DirectorSebastian Lindemann
ProducerNadine Neumann
Production managerJuliane Hribar

Production companies

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