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©Double 4 Studios
©Double 4 Studios
Documentary Feature | 2022-2023 | Canada, Romania, USA

Brief synopsis

Sharon-Rose Khumalo, a South African beauty queen, plunges into an identity crisis after finding out she is intersex. In her quest to deal with gender dysphoria, she needs the guidance of somebody just like her. The only person who will help is Dimakatso Sebidi, a masculine presenting intersex activist who turns out to be her complete opposite. The two parallel but divergent stories offer an intimate look at the struggle of living in a male-female world, when you are born in-between.


Director of photographyGuillaume Beaudoin
Director of photographyFelix Striegel
Director of photographyDániel Szandtner
DirectorTünde Skovrán
EditorMarianna Rudas
ComposerLuc Sicard
ProducerAndrei Zinca
Executive producerDanielle Turkov
Executive producerTünde Skovrán
Executive producerMaryse Rouillard
Executive producerJafta Mekgoe
Executive producerAndrei Zinca
Executive producerM.J. Packham
Executive producerMarc Smolowitz
Executive producerPatricia Arquette
Co-producerPaul Cadieux
Co-producerPatrick Hamm
ScreenwriterTünde Skovrán
Sound designerMartin Cadieux-Rouillard

Distribution / Sales companies

Cat&Docs [fr]
Greenwich Entertainment [us]


2023GreeceThessaloniki Int. Documentary Festival
2023PolandKrakow Film Festival
2023AustraliaSydney Film Festival
2023ItalyFestival dei Popoli (FdP)