TV Series | Episodes 1-30 | 2016-2017 | MBC [ae] | Telenovela | United Arab Emirates

Shooting data

Start of shooting15.10.2016
End of shooting20.12.2016
Number of shooting days50
LocationsDubai, Kuwait, Wien

Project data

Length of episode20
Broadcast datetäglich
Episodes from/to1-30
Picture formatTV 16:9 (1 : 1,78)
Picture material negativeARRI RAW
Picture material positiveUncompressed 4 : 2 : 2
Sound formatStereo

Brief synopsis

The 2nd season filmed 2017 and aired on mbc1 in late december same year is spinning the story about love, life and culture further:

Soon after Naser (محمد المنصور) passes away (final scene in Season 1), his children realize he was right. Abdallah is unworthy of Jihan, because she wants a man not a child to love. Nassar's spirit arrives often to his family giving advice to them. Thats why Kholoud finds out that Khaedl and his family earn their living through illegal channels. She realizes that her cousin never loved her but acted so to marry her, then blackmail her father to pay him to divorce her. So Abdul Aziz gains a lot of money out of the divorce and Maha becomes severely depressed.

Will Naser’s siblings abandon their so claimed inheritance? Of course not. Noaf (Monira’s daughter) will undertake this mission when she travels with her cousins to Vienna , and stirs trouble amongst them, revealing the secrets of some and blackmailing others.

Loulwa, Abdallah’s first and only love, and the daughter of Naser’s best friend, is the divorcee of Khaled (Abdallah’s cousin). She works as a Social Studies University teacher for non-Austrian students. Her life is quiet after divorcing Khaled for cheating on her. She has few issues at the university with her student Heba. Heba is the daughter of Duraid Ibrahim (Abu Heba); a scrap yard owner who also smuggles cigarettes into Vienna with his Austrian partner Wolf. Heba lives a western lifestyle albeit she is of Arabic origin and Muslim. Heba’s conflict with another student Jinan (a niqab-veiled girl) is one of extremes; where one is extremely liberal and western while the other is extremely conservative. A big quarrel happens between the 2 girls pushes Loulwa to be involved and sides by Jinan. This conflict ends with the rape incident of Jinan, plotted in vice by Heba. When Loulwa takes it upon herself to search for the rapists with Lieutent Tahseen, Heba’s father is infuriated by her involvement.

Khaled and Abdallah are both in love with Loulwa. Abdallah suspects Khaled stealing Loulwa’s wealth, while Khaled believes Abdallah is driving a wedge between him and his divorcee Loulwa.

Who will win Loulwa’s heart?


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Mohamad Al MansourNaser [SS]
Turki Al YousefAbdullah [SS]
Abdullah BushariKhaled [SS]
Fatma Mohammed AlsafiLoulwa [SS]
Nour Al GhandourMaha [LE]
Hussein Al MahdiFahed [LE]
Farah Al SarrafJinan [LE]
Mais HamdanNouf [LE]


directorHussein Shawkat
directorMounir Al Zoubi
producerAmer M. Sabbah
producerMohammed Hussein
executive producerSam Hasner
line producerLars Ansgar Förster
production coordinatorDirk Adler
screenwriterMajid Al Fahdi
literary sourceSarah Al Aleiwa

Distributing companies

MBC Group [ae]


Locations and StudiosDubai Media City [ae]
Image/EditingCinemagic Kuwait Ltd.