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What We Wanted

  • Der Lauf der Dinge (Working title)
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Feature Film | 2019 | Drama | Austria, Italy

Shooting data

Start of shooting03/10/2019
End of shooting11/11/2019
Number of shooting days30
LocationsSardinien, Wien
Filming regionsAustria - Vienna, Italy

Project data

Length of movie100 Min.
Aspect ratioCinemascope (1 : 2,39)

Brief synopsis

Alice and Niklas are happy, they lack nothing - but a child. After several failed invitros, they go on a holiday to Sardinia to leave their wish for a child behind. Right there, however, everything they tried to repress resurfaces. A cheerful Tyrolean family moves directly into the neighbouring house and seems to have everything that Alice and Niklas lack in life. An unforeseen incident changes their view on life, in which the most natural thing in the world does not avail.

(Film AG / Austrian Films)


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Elyas M'BarekNiklas [L]
Lavinia WilsonAlice [L]
Iva HöppergerDenise [SR]
Lukas SpisserRomed [SR]
Anna UnterbergerChristl [SR]
Tina HallerReceptionist [BP]


Director of photographyRobert Oberrainer
Scuba camera operatorRoland Holzer
Gates DEEP RED / Sardinien
Gates DEEP RED / Sardinien
1st assistant cameraCamillo Foramitti
2nd assistant cameraLisa Ganser
DIT digital imaging technicianGerhard Riesenhuber
Sony Venice (+Dailies Grading)
Sony Venice (+Dailies Grading)
Video assist/playback operatorFjodor Kelling
Still photographerFrancesca Ardau
Casting directorLorenzo Viti
casting Italy
casting Italy
Casting directorRita Waszilovics
Costume designerMonika Buttinger
Assistant costume designerAlexandra Trimmel
DirectorUlrike Kofler
1st AD (local system)Marco Antoniazzi
Script continuityJohanna Moder
Actor coach (children)Christine Hartenthaler
EditorMarie Kreutzer
Key gripStephan Ludescher
GripGeorg Schober
GafferThomas Hollaus
Best boy electricAndreas Stiedl [1]
Lighting technician / electricianBernhard Somera
Lighting technician / electricianFlorian Erben
Vertretung 3 DW
Vertretung 3 DW
Lighting assistantKilian Deml
Makeup artist / hair stylistChristina Baier
Makeup artist / hair stylistBirgit Beranek
ProducerJohanna Scherz
ProducerAlexander Glehr
Service producerGiovanni Pompili
Assistant to producerTina Tiefnig
Production designerGerald Freimuth
Assistant production designerJana Druskovic
Set decoratorFrancesca Melis
Prop masterLucas Kopcsa
Österreich Teil
Österreich Teil
Standby propsSimon Sramek
Production managerKarin Schmatz
Production coordinatorRoberta Aloisio
Unit manager (local system)Laura Biagini
Location manager (local system)Lukas Meisterhofer
Set manager/ floor managerLorenzo Wunderl
Production assistantMartin Feichtinger
Unit Base Manager
Unit Base Manager
Utility driverManfred Nowak
Fahrzeug Überstellung nach Sardinien
Fahrzeug Überstellung nach Sardinien
ScreenwriterSandra Bohle
ScreenwriterUlrike Kofler
ScreenwriterMarie Kreutzer
Production sound mixerClaus Benischke
Boom operatorDavid Almeida-Ribeiro
Sound re-recording mixerAlexander Koller
Sound designerNils Kirchhoff
Sound designerKarim Weth


Cameras and UtilitiesStöger Kameras GmbH
GripLGL Lichttechnik GmbH [de]
Lighting and UtilitiesLGL Lichttechnik GmbH [de]
Costume supplies
Costume supplies
Decorationaufgemoebelt KG
Makeup and HairDHS Filmservice GmbH
Subtitles / Audio descriptionAudiofilm e.U.


Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
Film AG Produktions GmbH (formerly Novotny & Novotny) [at]2021Romy [at]
Beste Produktion
Beste ProduktionNominated
Film AG Produktions GmbH (formerly Novotny & Novotny) [at]2021Diagonale [at]
Außergewöhnliche Produktionsleistung
Außergewöhnliche ProduktionsleistungWinner
Marie Kreutzer2021Romy [at]
Bester Schnitt Kino
Bester Schnitt KinoNominated
Nils Kirchhoff2021Österreichischer Filmpreis [at]
Beste Tongestaltung
Beste TongestaltungNominated
Ulrike Kofler2021Romy [at]
Bester Film Kino
Bester Film KinoNominated
Ulrike Kofler2021Romy [at]
Bestes Buch Kino
Bestes Buch KinoNominated
Ulrike Kofler2021Romy [at]
Beste Produktion
Beste ProduktionNominated
Ulrike Kofler2021Diagonale [at]
Johanna Moder2021Österreichischer Filmpreis [at]
Beste weibliche Nebenrolle
Beste weibliche NebenrolleNominated
Claus Benischke2021Österreichischer Filmpreis [at]
Beste Tongestaltung
Beste TongestaltungNominated


TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
First showingGermanyNetflixWednesday, 11/11/2020Netflix

Cinema releases and premieres

Theatre releaseAustriaFriday, 06/11/2020