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Matthew Way
Linienstr. 11810115  BerlinGermany
Phone+49 30 25090680

    About Way Film GmbH – Translation & Production

    Way Film Translation is your partner in all matters related to film translation, including audio description. With its sister company Way Film Production, we can also support you in different areas of post-production, especially in the processes linked to our translation work.

    Managing director Matthew Way has worked as a film translator in Germany since 2004. He owns copyrights on the translations of works by Maren Ade, Fatih Akin, Christian Petzold, Hans-Christian Schmid, Matthias Glasner, Andreas Feiel, Dani Levy, and many, many more.

    Way Film Translation is located in Berlin and Hamburg and has partners in additional German states.

    Company data

    Date of company foundation2015
    Permanent employees1
    Immediate working areaHead office: Berlin