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Way Film GmbH – Translation & Production: Audiodescription, Script Translations, Subtitles Production, Translation for Subtitles, Dubbing Script, Translating Voice Over
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Matthew Way
Linienstr. 11810115  BerlinGermany
Phone+49 30 25090680

    About Way Film GmbH – Translation & Production

    Way Film Translation is your partner in all matters related to film translation, including audio description. With its sister company Way Film Production, we can also support you in different areas of post-production, especially in the processes linked to our translation work.

    Managing director Matthew Way has worked as a film translator in Germany since 2004. He owns copyrights on the translations of works by Maren Ade, Fatih Akin, Christian Petzold, Hans-Christian Schmid, Matthias Glasner, Andreas Feiel, Dani Levy, and many, many more.

    Way Film Translation is located in Berlin, Hamburg, Köln, Stuttgart and has partners in additional German states.

    Film projects

    2024Die Gäste - Los Invitados (WT)Feature FilmMultipleMatch Factory Productions GmbH
    2024Marlene (WT)Limited seriesFatih AkinBombero International GmbH & Co KG
    2024Deine Flecken / Your Spotted Skin (WT)Feature FilmMultipleStudio Film Bilder GmbH [de]
    2024Amrum (WT)Feature FilmFatih AkinBombero International GmbH & Co KG
    2022DyingFeature FilmMatthias GlasnerPort au Prince Film & Kultur Produktion GmbH
    2022Someday We’ll Tell Each Other EverythingFeature FilmEmily AtefRow Pictures GmbH
    2022ParadiseTV Movie, NetflixBoris KunzNEUESUPER GmbH
    2022The Beast in the JungleFeature FilmPatric ChihaAurora Films [fr]
    2022On Mothers and DaughtersIndependent Feature FilmTanja EgenDeutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB)
    2022PacifictionFeature FilmAlbert SerraTamtam Film GmbH
    2022War SailorFeature FilmGunnar VikeneMer Film [no]
    2022The OutrunFeature FilmNora FingscheidtThe Outrun Film [uk]
    2022Milk TeethFeature FilmSophia BöschWeydemann Bros. GmbH [de]
    2022AfireFeature FilmChristian PetzoldSchramm Film Koerner Weber Kaiser [de]
    2022Falling into PlaceFeature FilmAylin TezelWeydemann Bros. GmbH [de]
    2022A Thin LineTV Series, Paramount+MultipleWeydemann Bros Serial Drama GmbH [de]
    2022The Teacher’s LoungeFeature FilmIlker Çatakif... Productions [de]
    2022Sisi & IchFeature FilmFrauke FinsterwalderWalker+Worm Film GmbH & Co. KG [de]
    2022When Will It Be Again Like It Never Was BeforeFeature FilmSonja HeissKomplizen Film GmbH
    2022One For The Road
    Erstellung engl. UT
    Feature FilmMarkus GollerSunny Side Up GmbH [de]Erstellung engl. UT

    Branch offices

    Company data

    Date of company foundation2015
    Permanent employees1
    Immediate working areaHead office: Berlin
    Branch offices: Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart