Short Film | 2016-2018 | Germany

Shooting data

Number of shooting days5
LocationsKarlsruhe; Heidelberg; Mannheim; Frankenthal

Brief synopsis

This is the story of two women in a bathtub. But it is not what you think it might be.

Anne und Kara are best friends and have their back no matter what. Like water wings the two hold each other up and laugh through the wildest of storms. Afterwards they have a canned beer together. We show fragments of their lifelong friendship. It takes place in the most intimate of rooms: bathrooms of all kinds. Here Anne and Kara find back to each other again and again through the tides of their lives.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Isabella FreilingerKara [L]
Sarah Palarczyk
Anne [L]
Monika AltnoederAnne (elderly woman)
Laura-Sofia PopescuKara (as child)
Theresa van GhemenAnne (as child)


ColoristKhoi Chau
Director of photographyMoritz Marz
1st assistant cameraThomas Bünger
1st assistant cameraChristina Peter
Assistant costume designerMaria Rudak
DirectorTina Hüther
DirectorIsabella Freilinger
Script supervisorAnna Kuchen
Script supervisorPaul Ramisch
EditorTina Hüther
EditorMiriam Seyd
EditorIsabella Freilinger
Crane operatorMilan Heinzmann
GafferMilan Heinzmann
Lighting technician / electricianPhilipp Schlegel
Makeup artistSarah Kazakis
Makeup artistTina Wild
ComposerAlexander Hüther
ProducerIsabella Freilinger
ProducerAnna Kuchen
ProducerTina Hüther
ProducerGabriel Becker
ProducerPaul Ramisch
ProducerThomas Kirchner [1]
Set decoratorTina Hüther
Set decoratorIsabella Freilinger
Assistant set decoratorLea Sophie Grünzinger
Assistant production managerLisa Heinrich
Set manager/ floor managerGabriel Becker
Set runnerMaurice Jensen
Co-writerTina Hüther
Co-writerIsabella Freilinger
Production sound mixerPatrick Janney
Sound designerJohanna Roth [1]
Sound editorJohanna Roth [1]
Caterer (cook on set)Mo Brinkmann
Caterer (cook on set)Fabian Grünig
Dialect-, language coachLaurence Williams


GripSunSet Filmgeräteverleih [de]
Lighting and UtilitiesSunSet Filmgeräteverleih [de]


Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
Isabella Freilinger2018Filmschau Baden-Württemberg [de]Nominated
Tina Hüther2018Filmschau Baden-Württemberg [de]Nominated