War of the Buttons

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    Feature Film | 2011 | Family, film based on literary source | France

    Brief synopsis

    1960, a village in the south of France.
    A gang of boys, aged 7 to 14 and led by intrepid Lebrac, is at war with the kids of the neighboring village, their sworn enemies. A merciless war that has lasted generations. They fight for honor and loyalty. When it comes to winning, any means are good - even, if necessary, fighting as naked as a worm or accepting the help offered by Lanterne - a girl! The gang's new recruit, she's full of panache and ingenuosity. But it's not easy to be an army of little men without getting caught by Mom and Dad. When, after the battle, you go home, your clothes torn to rags and missing buttons, it's better to keep a low profile...


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Vincent BresLebrac [L]
    Éric ElmosninoMaître Merlin [L]
    Mathilde SeignerMother of Lebrac [L]
    Fred TestotFather Simon [L]
    Alain ChabatMonsieur Labru [GS]
    Louis LefebvreCamus [SR]Leon Blaschke
    Théo FernandezPapier mâché [SR]
    Christian HecqZéphirin [SR]
    Arno FefferLe Père Lanterne [SR]
    Bastien BouillonTintin [SR]
    Aristide DemonicoLe maraîcher [SR]
    Emmanuelle GrönvoldL'inspectrice [SR]
    Sabine HeraudLa mère L'Aztec [SR]


    1st ADValérie Othnin-Girard
    Director of photographyJulien Hirsch
    Still photographerArnaud Borrel
    Casting directorStéphane Batutadults
    Casting director (children)Julie David
    Extras/bit player castingCatherine Deserbais
    Costume designer (creator)Charlotte David
    Assistant costume designerCatherine Boisgontier
    DirectorYann Samuell
    Script supervisorJulie Vasconi
    EditorSylvie Landra
    Key hair stylistMarla Levy
    Key makeup artistValérie Thery
    ComposerKlaus Badelt
    ProducerMatthew Gledhill
    Delegate producerMarc du Pontavice
    Production designerPierre-François Limbosch
    Assistant production designerMarc Flouquet
    Production managerPascal Bonnet
    Post production supervisorChristina Crassaris
    Unit managerBertrand Girard
    ScreenwriterYann Samuell
    Production sound mixerNicolas Cantin
    Boom operatorMarie Averty
    Second boom operatorJohann Gretke
    Sound re-recording mixerCyril Holtz
    Sound mastering engineerNiels Barletta
    Sound editorOlivier Goinard
    Special effects supervisorOlivier de Laveleye
    Stunt coordinatorDominique Fouassier
    Actor coach (children)Amour Rawyler

    Production companies

    One World Films [fr]
    TF1 Studio (formerly TF1 International / Droits audiovisuels) [fr]TF1 Droits Audiovisuels, coproduction
    TF1 Films Production [fr]coproduction
    Les Films du Gorak [fr]coproduction

    Distributing companies

    Tamasa Distribution [fr]International Sales
    UGC - Union Générale Cinématographique [fr]France (theatrical)


    TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
    RepeatFranceChérie 25 [fr]Friday, 15/01/2021, 9.05 PM


    Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 14/09/2011